The Latest Evolution Of Facebook

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Facebook has made some major changes to ensure privacy and user experience for everyone who uses the social media site. They have made changes to create a more fun and respectful community. This is good news for companies that heavily market on Facebook because this means individuals will continue to use the app and stay involved with recent trends. Facebook wants to continue to find a good balance between a fun social media avenue and a place for businesses to market their products. This will keep users engaged and interested in the upcoming trends and products. A recent study found that 69 percent of U.S. adults use Facebook. Additionally, Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users. This is a huge platform for companies to post ads and market to a large target market, so these changes affect them as well. Listed below are a few changes Facebook has recently made to keep individuals interested in using the site. […]

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What Happens In Your Brain When You Hear A Good Story

5 Effective Advertising Techniques for Law Firms

When you hear a good story, typically your brain pulls you fully into that story and you become very engaged. You start to lose all awareness of your surroundings because you are so into the story. Your imagination has been filled as if you were present in the scene. You start to feel like you are a part of the story. This is what our brains are programmed to do when we hear a good story. When we hear information from a story, more of our brains light up.  Chemical Levels Of The Brain When we hear a good story or are watching a good movie, we become so interested and involved we feel like we are there. For example, if an intense action movie is playing and there is a guy in a dangerous situation, our pulse will race and our full attention will be on that particular scene. After this intense feeling, our brains generate oxytocin. Oxytocin is […]

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How B2B Brands Can Break Into Interactive Content

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B2B marketing has often been classified as boring. For many years this content has been created to spit out facts and inform potential customers of your product or service. This style is quite redundant. As times have changed and technology continues to advance, there is a higher possibility to create interactive content. If implemented correctly, this could be a great way to create marketing campaigns. Listed below are a few tips to keep in mind before creating interactive content to promote brands. Know Your Audience  When constructing any type of marketing plan, you must know your audience. You want to have a great understanding of what they like and what they are looking for so you can cater your marketing campaign to their needs. If you just create a generic marketing campaign, you won’t interest your audience because it won’t directly correlate to what they want. According to the ASME Foundation, you need to connect with your audience and truly […]

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Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Marketers often wonder if email marketing is on its way out. Many individuals question this due to the high volume of mass emails that come through inboxes daily. The truth is that email marketing has drastically changed over the recent years. Marketers are far too focused on creating flashy emails with irresistible subject lines and have lost sight of the core value of their digital channel. This core value is one-on-one engagement with consumers. When email marketing is executed correctly, it can be a crucial component of a successful marketing strategy.  Email Marketing Now Compared To When It First Started  When email marketing first started, it was an exciting way for consumers to become informed about all the new products on the market and the different promotions. The digital world was still in the beginning phases, so receiving a mysterious message was appealing to consumers. These messages were more personalized to the sender and they were straightforward messages.  Nowadays, technology […]

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Brands And Marketing Strategy 

When big companies make a stance for what they believe, it often impacts many individuals such as their customers and business partners. Research has shown that 62 percent of consumers want companies to take a stand on cultural, social, and environmental factors. Consumers like to know a company’s viewpoints. Many companies will take a stance because of generational changes and the growing need to differentiate themselves from competitors. Corporate responsibility directly correlates with marketing strategies. Many customers like to know the corporation’s values and viewpoints. One of the best ways to communicate these things to the public is by utilizing a myriad of different marketing strategies.  Take A Stance Companies who take a stance on a certain topic often experience two things. They will experience customers who appreciate their viewpoints and others who don’t agree with them. When a company takes a stance, they don’t need to speak out on touchy topics. When companies stand for something outwardly to the […]

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Building Trust In Marketing

5 Effective Advertising Techniques for Law Firms

Building trust internally and externally is crucial for development within any corporation. Employees need to be able to trust their leaders and vice versa. According to research, only 46 percent of professionals have a high amount of trust in their companies. Companies must put more effort into creating a trustworthy culture so more professionals can place trust in their companies. There are many different departments throughout a company so it is even more critical that trust is built throughout the entire corporation. A study found that the amount of trust and safety employees experience directly correlates to how respected they feel by their leaders. This culture of trust, confidence, and reliability should be instilled every day and then it will radiate throughout departments. Building trust is a big differentiator to set companies apart in the business world.  Trust Within Marketing Team Everyone on the marketing team must be on the same page. This team is responsible for managing their product’s […]

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What Happens in Your Brain When You Hear a Good Story and How to Use That to Your Advantage

What Happens in Your Brain When You Hear a Good Story and How to Use That to Your Advantage

Many businesses have already discovered the captivating power of story-telling. As inherently social creatures, stories help us connect to others. They also preserve the past and express universal beliefs. Stories help us to better understand the world around us and the people we share it with.  Good stories light up more areas in the brain than simple facts. When we receive information from stories we engage more neurons in our brain.  When more of your brain is working there is a greater chance that the information will be remembered.  At Performance First Marketing our Los Angeles digital marketing agency helps law firms generate a strong online presence and conversion rate through our many services, including blog distribution networks, organic web rankings, social media management and several more.  Stories Create Empathy and Bring Us Together The neurochemical oxytocin is a small peptide synthesized in mammal brains. Studies have found that the neurochemical actually increases prosocial behaviors, meaning it increases social behaviors […]

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The Best Practices for Choosing Captivating and Effective Social Media Visuals

The Best Practices for Choosing Captivating and Effective Social Media Visuals

There is no doubt that social media has changed the way we view and live our lives. From the way we interact with friends and loved ones to the way we get our news on what is happening around us in the world, social media is unavoidable and it is here to stay.  Social media presents a unique way for consumers to interact with customers and potential clients. It allows for instantaneous communication, engagement, and feedback. It provides a space to share news, promotions, suggestions, and information. As a business owner or operator, this can be frightening if you do not have a grasp on social media and its many benefits. Fortunately, our Los Angeles digital marketing firm offers complete legal online marketing strategies. We offer a number of online services including mobile geofencing, organic web rankings, social media management, and many more.   How to Get the Most Out of Social Media Visuals As social media changes the marketing world, […]

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Tips for Marketing Leadership

What Happens in Your Brain When You Hear a Good Story and How to Use That to Your Advantage

Creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy is crucial for businesses. Without a strong marketing plan, companies can lose consumers and in turn, money. Oftentimes, producing a marketing campaign can be simple but finding the proper leader to head that campaign can be difficult. The best leaders help to encourage, influence, and communicate with others around them.  As the digital marketing world continues to grow and prosper it is more important than ever for companies to seek out strong individuals to lead their marketing efforts. Steve Jobs is a prime example of someone who found success in a marketing leadership role. Through marketing, Jobs was able to express his leadership via captivating and informative performances every time Apple Inc. unveiled a new product.   There are countless marketing strategies that exist in the digital world and it can be hard to decide which one is the best. Our skilled Los Angeles marketing agency can help law firms create and implement effective […]

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How to Convert With Psychology: 4 Design Levers to Pull

How to Convert With Psychology: 4 Design Levers to Pull

Analytic dashboards are used to explain user data based on view time, country of origin, bounce rate, and numerous other aspects. When businesses focus on the marketing numbers, it becomes easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and that is, users, consumers, and visitors are people.  Human desires and needs are what create a demand for your business. They are the main reason you have a product or service in the first place. Although, only having a good product or service is not enough to fulfill human needs and desires. Businesses also need a strong understanding of web design.  Simply put, design is understanding what drives people’s behaviors. Knowing their wants, how they would like to receive them, and how you can deliver them. Essentially, businesses require a solid grasp of psychology.  Our Los Angeles marketing agency can help your law firm create a marriage between psychology and design. With our countless web services, like content creation, website development, […]

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