Videos are increasingly an integral part of any online marketing strategy, however, despite the increase in use and acceptance, the power of videos it common under-leveraged as video optimization is not as commonly practiced as website and content optimization.  Taking these steps is essential to your video content taking full advantage of the hundreds of millions of hours of videos watched on YouTube every single day.

In an article by Search Engine Land, there are factors that impact your YouTube ranking.  Much like Google, YouTube has its own algorithmic hooks that drive rankings.  These include: Watch time Keyword relevance, number of subscribers and viewer reactions such as comments, likes and dislikes.

A few things you need to consider to benefit from the vast YouTube audience include: 

  • Provide the right types of content – make sure that the content is educational or appeals to the emotional needs of your target audience.  It is important to recognize that viewers aren’t there looking for the brand but for the product, service or solution your brand offers.  To drive watch time, it is also critical you make your video interesting and engaging.
  • Make it easy for Google & YouTube to understand your video content. 

youtube video marketing for law firmsWhile there is great intelligence in the algorithms, these sites can’t watch and interpret your video and depend on you to help them.  Here are a few ways:

  • Create an optimized title that is short and features a keyword.
  • Use tags to get viewers to your video and to watch it.  Remember in the YouTube universe time spent watching is more valuable than a number of opens of the video.
  • Add a detailed description that articulates the key points about your video and that is rich with keywords.  Often there is a misconception that a short description is more important than a detailed description but this is not accurate.
  • In the same spirit of a detailed description, the use of closed captions or a transcript makes it easier to clearly communicate the value of your video. Using these tools makes it easier for customers to use your information as they desire.  One example is they might watch the video on mute at work and read the transcript, upping both your message and watch time.
  • Develop your brand’s YouTube channel page.  There are great features here including your ability to create a short video to help demonstrate your value and why customers should subscribe to your page.
  • Have a clear Call-to-Action (CTA).  When a viewer/customer takes the time to watch your videos, especially a trailer on your own channel page, make sure they know what it is that you want them to do.  Don’t just have information and let the fish off the hook, tell them why they’re there and what benefit you can create if they call you or set up a meeting on your website.
  • Promote Your Video.  Promoting your video is essential to getting views and increasing your watch time.  Put your video on your website, embed it in blogs and on social media pages.  All of these placements will get more awareness and with proper descriptions, your viewers will be higher quality and more likely to act in your favor.

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