Each month, over 100 billion searches take place on Google.

That’s one hundred billion reasons to ensure that you’re doing all you can to increase your search engine optimization (SEO).  Of all possible marketing strategies that exist, it’s easy to argue that SEO is the most cost-effective.  In an average year, most businesses spend the majority of their online marketing budget on SEO and pay-per-click advertising.  According to entrepreneur.com, companies spent $65 billion on SEO in 2016.  That’s because they know that search engines like Google bring results – increased traffic that translates into leads that translate into real business.  

Every marketing strategy and channel has its rationale.  Perhaps Twitter is the best way to create an online contest, or email campaign the best method by which to promote a special offer.  But search engines have been shown to be successful at delivering low-cost, ongoing value on a long-term basis.  Any business not investing in SEO is leaving a lot of revenue on the table.  

SEO generates more leads than other marketing methods at a fraction of the cost.  Adware.com reports that over eighty-percent of shoppers search online before making a big purchase.  While it’s beneficial for a company or firm to be on social media, radio, and TV, it’s almost invaluable for them to be on Google.

Organic SEO translates into real business

Search Engine Optimization A large number of businesses place all of their marketing eggs in a single basket, so to speak.  For example, some firms will begin using a Google AdWords Campaign.  And this may gain some quick exposure.  However, it’s been shown that organic SEO campaigns achieve higher conversion rates and have longer lasting results.  For example, imagine what might happen if you stop paying Google AdWords.  All your traffic and exposure will end in the blink of an eye.  Instead, when you rank higher in search engines organically, like Performance First can do for you, then your rankings will last for months or years.  The importance of higher organic rankings cannot be stressed enough.  On average, only 6% of those browsing search engine results ever click on paid ads.  The other 94% only go for organic results.  So if you simply take out an ad, you’re losing close to nineteen potential customers or clients for every one that you do manage to attract.  At this point it should be clear what the wisest choice for your marketing dollars is.

SEO is greater than social media

A person scrolling through their Twitter feed or watching their favorite show on TV is less likely to become a lead that someone Googling your service or product.  For instance, an electronic store trying to sell more high-definition televisions will get more leads by ranking higher in search engine results for “buy HD TV” than they will by having lots of Twitter followers or likes on their Facebook page.  Not only does SEO drive more traffic to your site, but those leads tend to convert to sales at above-average rates, leading to substantial ROI for your marketing budget.

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