1. Show up on Search Engines

Make sure your site is optimized for search engines of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is both an art and science but if done properly will increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. through organic (unpaid) search results. Tools such as “keywords” and positioning key content throughout your website will be one of the primary ways to help you succeed at SEO.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is essential to get your site at the top of the listing page when a search for “YOUR SERVICE” near me is done. This will cost a little money for advertisement purchases but can be a very efficient use of marketing funds.

3. Get Listed
In the cyber world, getting listed in online directories is better than having a personal assistant. These are effectively sites you’ve heard of and they work really hard getting people to their sites and once they succeed, you’re listed. These are the sites like Yelp, City Search, Manta, and Yellowpages.com. They work great….unless you’re not signed up.

get found online4. Get Reviews
It is not enough just to be listed with online directories, you need quality reviews. More and more, people aren’t asking their friends or family members about where to go for a new service, they ask Google. Also important is if they’re searching it is because they want to buy what you’re selling. In some verticals, up to 80% of these searches lead to a transaction within a week!

5. Use Social Media
Social media is the new media, there are almost 3 billion social media users worldwide and many of them are enthusiasts. There are sites that can be more effective depending what type of business you are in, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and others are used in different ways but they all provide very useful ways to reach a large audience, in targeted verticals or geographic areas with specific demographics. Just like any advertising, you need a coherent strategy and you need to be active to get your message out and keep it fresh.

6. Have More Pages to Be Notice
How you ask? One great way is to start a Blog. This is a powerful tool to leverage SEO since a Blog is a regular post which creates opportunities to load your site with meaningful, searchable content. Also, the more pages you have published the more opportunities you have to get your site noticed. Just like Social Media, you need quality, regular and meaningful content. A Blog with one post isn’t going to do anything but a well-crafted Blog with a narrative about your business, industry and newsworthy content will do a great deal of good for your site.

7. Images
We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words and in the cyber world, images are a true force multiplier. People search for images and image evoke emotions such as inspiration, information or humor. With high-quality photos of your products or services, you can get this extra attention, and don’t be afraid to get extra creative. Do be sure your images are optimized so that they’ll get picked up by search engines and rank high in their filters. This done with a few key steps such as making sure the file size isn’t too big, giving the image a good and identifiable name with captions and Geo-tagging it.

8. Network
In your everyday life, you network with colleagues, suppliers, sales partner and others to find business, do the same online. The difference online, however, is the reach and you can get much more attention for a lot less work. Bloggers can be massively useful at getting to new audiences and they, like you, want to get to a broader audience. Working with a blogger is just like asking a supplier if they know someone you should talk to but instead, you invite them to do a guest blog and connect social media pages then both your audiences grow virally.

9. Focus on Local
Local media is great as you can reach your community for a reasonable fee. Local papers, magazines, radio stations and news channels like local stories and events. These can traffic to your website by letting the audience know that’s where more information is located.

10. Small Opportunities yield Big Exposure
Put your web address everywhere. On your email signature, flyers, invoices and receipts, everywhere you can. The more eyes you get to view your URL, the more people you’ll see visiting your website.

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