Do you have enough citations on your legal website?

Do you have enough citations?  Sounds like an “opposite” question given that most folks don’t want any citations.  The citations we speak of however are not issued by the police for speeding, running a traffic sign or having a busted-out taillight.  The citations we are referring to are the callouts on the digital web that drive search engines to help prospective customers find you online.

An interesting data point, which should not come as much of a surprise is that when a prospective buyer opens a browser page on his or her smartphone or computer and types in “personal injury attorney near me” they aren’t looking to find a bunch of companies with three last names and the word associates, something has happened and they’re looking to buy.

Legal Marketing Citations Citations are a key way to make sure that these folks find you and not the guys down the street.  In the World Wide Web, proximity is not just measured in distance, but quality and distance.  If your citations are in order this means that your brand has good reviews, that the various social media sites that have your business listed have it listed consistently and accurately without duplications or errors.  These are just some of the many factors that will drive this quality and result in your firm showing up higher on the list of search rankings than your competition.

So how do you do this?  Is it best to turn on your computer and search for your business online to make sure that you have accurate contact and location data on these sites?  The answer here is no way; you’d be doing it non-stop and never have time to be an attorney.  How do you get your reviews and postings to get referenced on these other sites?  How would you even know if you were doing it correctly?

Given that there is a “web” of complexities to getting your business to rank high in the search function, the contribution matters that impact this cannot be left to chance unless of course, you wish to have the nicest website that only your friends and family can find.  Performance First Marketing has a process to make sure that you are being properly represented on the web and that all of your citations are providing the maximum value to your search efficiency.  Better yet, we can provide you with metrics that will make it clear to you what we’ve done to ensure that your business is getting the proper reputation and placement it deserves on the web.  

Remember, getting found is the first step to building your practice, don’t leave this to chance and call Performance First Marketing today!

Performance First Marketing is a full-service marketing agency founded by lawyers to help law firms market themselves.  We understand the complex subject matter that law firms must articulate to non-legal consumers in order to be successful.  This advanced messaging coupled with the state of the art in technology tools to get your firm found are an essential coupling to marketing success in today’s digital world.

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By on December 6th, 2017 in Services