What Is Geofencing?  Well, it is not the act of dressing in an all-white uniform and challenging folks around the globe to a sword fight with a flexible metal sword.  What it is, in fact, one of the essential tools to get your business found locally.
Geofencing is a way to create a digital “fence” to determine when a device like a smartphone has entered the fence, permitting messaging to the device via text messaging or email.  This is accomplished by using global positioning (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) data to create a virtual boundary.  This location-based knowledge is a powerful way to market to a prospective customer near your business as if you’re offering legal services to the Philadelphia market, someone in San Francisco is unlikely to benefit from messages about your business and services.So how does this work as a practical matter?  When Geofencing is used, hyper-local triggers can be set up triggering new and specific ways to engage and communicate with a customer based on their location.  As an example, if you were the owner of a car dealer and wanted to send an offer to anyone entering a competing dealership with an offer, then you’d need to set up a Geofence around that competing dealership and send an offer when the threshold is crossed.  Even if the message doesn’t result in a sale, it does give information about prospective client behavior and can be meaningful to a marketing outreach campaigns effectiveness and provide some insight into customer behavior.

Geo-fence  MarketingAnother real-world example was concert and event producer Live Nation.  They used Geofencing around various music halls and tour stops for artists to tap into local social media chatter and better understand what fans were interested in and what they were enjoying at these events.  Their product, ShowBook captures this information and showcases it so those brands have a better understanding on how to engage and present themselves to these hyper-local communities.
Another great example is in the retail sales space when Elle Magazine teamed up with several digital marketing platforms like Swirl, ShopAdvisor, and RetailMeNot for a Geofencing program.  The way their program worked was simple when prospective customer approached certain stores that participated in the program, they would get location-based offers.

Imagine the benefits of being able to use this technology to target your messaging to prospective clients in your local community.  For a Small to Medium Business (SMB), like a law firm, that typically provides its services to a definable community there are powerful applications to get your message where it is most likely to have a receptive viewer.  To learn more about how this can help you, call Performance First Marketing.

Performance First Marketing was founded by attorneys to offer comprehensive web development and marketing solutions for law firms across the United States. At Performance First Marketing, we excel at helping law firms broaden their reach, develop an effective marketing campaign, and generate leads through an extensive range of online and offline marketing solutions.  Call us today at 818-949-2618.

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