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Blogging Trends In 2017

As bloggers not only are we reflecting on the highs of 2016 blogging strategies but we’re also reflecting on some of the things that we want to improve on.  And you have to ask yourself, “what do we do for 2017?” “What are we trying to accomplish as bloggers?”, “what do we want to fix?” and how we want to make ourselves better as bloggers and make our blog brands that much better.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare yourself for the 2017 blogging season:

* De- clutter your blogging space In every aspect that you can think of in terms of your workspace, your files on the computer etc * Keep posting more regularly than you are already doing instead of posting every six months, thereby losing out on your readers.

* Do not use photos that aren’t yours as bloggers are being sued not only by photographers for using photos that they do not have permission to use. It is best advised to use your own images or stock photos.

* Make sure that all of your posts are SEO optimized. Make sure that your posts have the keywords that are needed in order to rank high on search engines such as google, Bing, and yahoo. You also need to ensure that you have a great title that is searchable.

The fundamental goal of a blogger is to keep the traffic coming in. therefore SEO optimization is key for 2017. You should also try to experiment with blog template especially if you are a beginner. There are a lot of websites that offer great, responsive and  SEO optimized templates for free or for as little as $10 where you have all the rights to the template. Always choose one that fits and resonates with your blog’s theme and what your brand is about. This way you set yourself apart from all the other bloggers and you are also starting to make your brand more of a business and an actual blogging entity instead of just looking like someone who is doing it as a hobby.

Blogging in 2017 should consist of more general posts with more guest posts, loop posts or collaborating with a company who shares your same passion and interest or even collaborating with other bloggers. These are great ways to enhance your blogging experience in 2017. You can actually start to plan ahead and making sure that the content that you produce isn’t worthy of your reader’s attention. Becoming a PR blogger is also a great trend in 2017 as you essentially have to be able to market yourself which save a lot of time and money. It is also crucial to be a systematic blogger by making a list of bloggers, companies that you want to work with and also PR agencies that have good connections with you and at the end of the year send a mass email to all the bloggers in your list, companies you want to work with and to the PR agencies to show appreciation for the content provided by them. Out yourself out there that you’re willing and ready to collaborate and you are guaranteed that at least one or two of those people within each of those categories are going to try and do something together with you as it would benefit them as much as it would benefit you. You should also create a goal list from your blog stating what you want to achieve as a blogger in 2017. That list should consist of things you haven’t done in your previous years of blogging. This goal list will help you prioritize to see what is achievable and planning to see how you could accomplish these goals.

As Blogging has become increasingly popular over the past number of years with over two million blog posts written every day according to researchers, what makes you stand out in a hugely overcrowded market is the quality and interest that you provide for your readers. These two aspects are imperative for the success of your blog in 2017. The focus has switched largely to authority blogs. People want specific answers to the questions they ask online and Google rewards the blogs that provide them. So, it’s vital that you’re going the extra mile to give this information to your readers.

You need to find a balance between what you enjoy, what’s going to attract a lot of attention, and what’s got the good potential to make you money for your blog.

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