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Keeping up-to-date with SEO takes a lot of time and patience. It is one of those things that does not stop evolving. The strategies will be affected by new algorithms and new questions that the user tend to ask google. Done right, SEO can bring a successful shout out session for your business.

While dealing with SEO, most of you might think you are doing everything right. However, we have picked up the ten most common mistakes that should be avoided when devising your SEO strategy.

1. Wrong Keywords

Despite what they say, keywords are half of the attempt of optimizing your site for the search engines. By overusing generic keywords, that are not usually in use, you will be doing serious harm to your SEO strategy. You can use numerous keyword generators online to keep up with your keyword game.

2. Overuse of Keywords

Of all the things the google algorithms are, stupid is not one. Though you may think that stuffing your paragraphs with keywords are going to get you somewhere, search engines are going to pick this up as intentional spamming.

This is why, maintaining a constant flow in your writing, and using keywords where relevant and necessary is a must.

3. Getting distracted in your writing

Let’s say you are writing  on Online marketing, and you are using all the right keywords. However, somehow you end up getting distracted halfway through and completely divert yourself from the initial writing path you were on. Ranking well on search engines has to partly to do with the user ratings, and user engagement with your content as well. So if your blog/article does not make much sense halfway through, despite the keywords. It would not rank well.

4. Failing to be Authentic

The users are out there looking or something new. And if your content is simply copied or plagiarized from someone else, you would not stand to be unique. And ultimately they will not go to your site just because it comes off boring.

5. Forgetting all about Meta

You’ve come up with clear and coherent content for the whole site, why would you need to spend time paying attention to little details like meta descriptions, nobody  reads them. Right?

Well, no you are wrong. Meta descriptions give off the first impression about your site to anyone who comes across it in search results. Catchy titles and considerable  descriptions are going to enhance the click-through rates for good.

6. Distracting internal links

When you are linking to something in your content, make sure your links are for the top performing pages, the best pages. Make sure to keep it light and clutter-free. Your website reflects your business ideas.

7. Absence of Quality links

External links to your content matter. Get yourself out there, make friends with the reliable people in your industry. Get them to link to you and link back to them. This is the best way to get noticed in the online sphere.

8. Forgetting Mobile

Most websites these days forget that more than half of the internet users are constantly browsing through their mobiles. When your web page takes too long to load on a mobile phone, people will get tired of waiting and move on to the site that loads faster. Remember that desktop and mobile are two different marketing mediums. A mobile is much closer to a person than the desktop, and if you target right you will reap benefits fast!

9. Forgetting Social Media

In this era, it sounds ridiculous to forget social media because it keeps the world going. But when running your online marketing campaign, you need to make sure your social media and your web page run hand in hand and not separately. Social media is bound to get you tons of traffic to click-through links. When you get shared over any of the social media sites, google is going to notice. This gains you credibility in the digital sphere.

10. Abandoning Analytics

No matter how good you think your online strategy is, if you do not test the efforts and see how effective they are, you might not be developing any further. Keeping track of your traffic will help you to decide what works and what doesn’t. Improving your content to suit your client needs is going to come in handy in the long run.

Your content matters! Avoid these common mistakes to be a winner in your content game!  Let us know if we can help.  Performance First Marketing has a staff of writers and social media experts ready to take your legal marketing efforts to the next level.

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