6 Ways to Maximize Your Online Marketing

The goal of marketing is to increase brand awareness and get referral sources and clients. While internet marketing opens new avenues for achieving these goals, it’s not all that different than offline marketing. Focusing too much on SEO “tricks” can miss the point of what you should really focus on to grow your business. Want a solid online marketing strategy that will stand the test of time and never become outdated? These 8 methods are no-fail methods for achieving your marketing goals.

Online Marketing


#1. Sponsor local events
Your law firm can sponsor a little league team, charity run, or pro bono organization in your area to not only help your community and increase brand recognition but even improve your online marketing strategy. How? Sponsoring events will usually come with links from the organization’s website to your firm’s website. These completely natural and high-authority links are valuable because they help improve your firm’s website ranking.

#2. Be a Community Leader
Take steps to become a leader in your community. You can start off small by volunteering for a committee or, with more experience, chairing a section of the local bar association or serving on the board of a non-profit. These actions should be done to help your community, but they also improve your marketing strategy. Many of these activities will come with website listings on established, high-authority government and non-profit websites that improve your website ranking.

#3. Win recognition
When you do good work in your community, you will naturally receive recognition for it. Receiving awards from esteemed organizations in your industry can go a long way toward promoting your firm and improving your underlying SEO campaign with citations and links back to your website.

#4. Write valuable content
Writing relevant and useful content in your industry can help establish you as an expert in your field. If you have an article idea, try submitting it to your local bar journal or local newspaper. You can also use your website to share valuable content with readers through your blog. There is no better or easier way to build up your reputation than providing valuable insight to your community.

#5. Become a media source
Reporters and journalists need sources for their stories to explain concepts, describe how events impact a community, and serve as expert testimony. Find local reporters and help them solve their problems by giving them ideas for stories or serving as a source for a story on which they are reporting. If you don’t know where to start, try Help a Reporter, a website that helps reporters and journalists find sources for their stories. If you see a source request in your industry or area of expertise, reach out.

#6. Serve your clients and encourage reviews
Above all else, satisfied customers will help build your reputation as an excellent attorney. The best way to earn a solid reputation online and offline is for happy customers to leave positive reviews and give referrals. After your business is concluded, encourage clients to review your law firm on Yelp, Avvo, and other review websites. You can also ask customers to provide a testimonial that you can use in marketing to build trust.

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