When you hear a good story, typically your brain pulls you fully into that story and you become very engaged. You start to lose all awareness of your surroundings because you are so into the story. Your imagination has been filled as if you were present in the scene. You start to feel like you are a part of the story. This is what our brains are programmed to do when we hear a good story. When we hear information from a story, more of our brains light up. 

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Chemical Levels Of The Brain

When we hear a good story or are watching a good movie, we become so interested and involved we feel like we are there. For example, if an intense action movie is playing and there is a guy in a dangerous situation, our pulse will race and our full attention will be on that particular scene. After this intense feeling, our brains generate oxytocin. Oxytocin is a small neuropeptide that consists of nine amino acids. This sends our brain a signal that we should care about someone. When your brain releases this, you aren’t just watching the movie or reading a book, you are putting yourself in the characters shoes. These oxytocin levels can predict how much empathy individuals have for one another.  The American Psychological Association reported that oxytocin levels are high under stressful conditions. 

Stories Bring People Closer

When individuals can relate to a story, oxytocin is released which shows they really care. When you are with a group of people sharing stories, you are the most engaged when you can personally relate to how someone felt or what they were going through. This does not mean you have to be best friends to feel that connection, but you start to understand each other and respect them. They will stand up for each other against a bully and have one another’s back in times of need. 

You don’t need to be sharing your personal story to feel this empathy towards someone and build that relationship. Oxytocin could be released through simply reading storybooks. Young children who read stories through school can start to feel this empathy and feel more connected to their classmates. As they start to grow up, they become more supportive of one another and genuinely care for each other.  

Hiring A Los Angeles Marketing Agency 

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