Many businesses have already discovered the captivating power of story-telling. As inherently social creatures, stories help us connect to others. They also preserve the past and express universal beliefs. Stories help us to better understand the world around us and the people we share it with. 

Good stories light up more areas in the brain than simple facts. When we receive information from stories we engage more neurons in our brain.  When more of your brain is working there is a greater chance that the information will be remembered. 

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Stories Create Empathy and Bring Us Together What Happens in Your Brain When You Hear a Good Story and How to Use That to Your Advantage

The neurochemical oxytocin is a small peptide synthesized in mammal brains. Studies have found that the neurochemical actually increases prosocial behaviors, meaning it increases social behaviors that benefit others or society as a whole. Why is this relevant? Well, studies have found that when people hear a good story there is a release of oxytocin in their brains causing them to experience and take part in these prosocial behaviors. 

Oxytocin sends us signals that we should care about someone. Higher levels of oxytocin and increase the empathy we feel for others. This empathy allows us to feel close and even connect with others through compassion, tolerance, and respect.  

How Stories Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

The magic of story-telling was uncovered further as studies discovered that we don’t even need to share our own stories to build a connection with someone. Sharing almost any story can cause the oxytocin release and make a difference.  

Understanding the positive effects that stories have on people can help businesses to connect with consumers and increase brand popularity. The following is a list of ways that stories can make a difference in your business strategies:

  • They result in a better understanding of key points a speaker is trying to make.
  • Enables better recollection of main points from a speech or sales pitch.
  • Increases care of customers about the product or service you are offering.
  • Understanding an organization’s transcendent purpose will increase employee motivation.
  • Highlighting a business’s transcendent purpose also increases customer empathy.

If you are looking to motivate, persuade, or instill recollection in consumers, try starting your sales pitch, blog post, or visuals with a captivating story. It will capture people’s hearts and attention by first capturing their brains. 

Hiring a Los Angeles Marketing Agency

Discovering how a compelling and well written/spoken story can increase empathy, compassion, respect, and even memory can help a business to enhance its marketing strategy. At Performance First Marketing we have experience in creating effective marketing strategies that utilize new research surrounding story-telling, social media, and much more. 

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