The Top 8 Benefits of Using Facebook Advertising

As the digital marketing age continues to grow and expand, it is more important than ever for businesses and companies to build up their social media management. Utilizing different media platforms, such as Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, can revamp a businesses’ advertising campaign and subsequently increase online traffic.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform, with around 2.2 billion people logging in every month. Effective use of the site can help to grow brand awareness, increase engagement with prospective clients, and create a space to share valuable information between consumers and businesses.

At Performance First Marketing we offer expert marketing strategies for law firms across the country. Our agency has years of experience in the legal and marketing industries. Performance First Marketing can help your law firm increase its online advertising and management of social media to increase company growth and reach. Contact our Los Angeles marketing firm today to speak with a skilled marketing agent.


Why Your Company Should Advertise on Facebook Twitter vs. Facebook for Businesses

Advertising your business on Facebook has an endless list of benefits. The following is a look at some of the most significant reasons as to why your company should utilize the social media platform.


Your Customers Spend Most of Their Time on Facebook

Studies show that 68 percent of Americans use Facebook. The site has billions of users across the world and continues to grow its global penetration.


Facebook Advertising is the Most Targeted Form of Advertising

Facebook gives businesses the ability to target their audience based on interests, behavior, and even location.


Facebook Advertising is Cheap

Facebook is the cheapest form of advertising that exists today. It can allow for exposure to over 1,000 consumers for under $3.


Facebook Advertising is Fast

Due to its online nature, social media drives immediate results and engagement.


Facebook Advertising Increases Brand Awareness

Claiming and using your brand’s social media page will enhance brand reputation and increase public familiarity with your company.


Facebook Advertising Increases Website Traffic

Running a pay per click campaign on Facebook is perfect for achieving search engine visibility and traffic.


Facebook Advertising is Measurable

When you advertise on Facebook, you will be able to track impressions, clicks, and consumer reach/engagement. This will allow your business to determine what direction to move.


Facebook Advertising Can Engage Your Website Visitors

Remarketing allows companies to position targeted ads on Facebook to consumers who had recently visited their company website but did not purchase anything.


How Performance First Marketing Can Help

Stepping into the complex digital marketing world can be overwhelming, especially when navigating new advertising platforms like social media. When you hire a skilled professional from our Los Angeles marketing agency we will analyze your firm’s current strategy and website to help develop and new, more effective marketing campaigns.

With our years of experience, we have gained significant knowledge of social media management and can help your company utilize different platforms to increase your advertising reach and consumer engagement.

Contact Performance First Marketing today at 818-949-2618 to speak with an agent about our marketing on contingency program.

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