Landing pages are the heart and soul of a firm’s online marketing efforts. They are the first thing people see when they click on an online advertisement; it’s the first taste they get of your brand, your essence so to speak. Most importantly, they can help convert visitors into clients.

Using the right visuals in your landing page can be the difference between making or losing a customer. Compelling visuals emphasize your value offer in a way even the best-written text simply can’t. They take advantage of the quirks of human psychology to convince people to act without them even knowing it. In short, visuals can be a powerful tool for building effective landing pages. Here’s how.

Visuals can make or break your brand

The Power of Landing Page Visuals

It might be a tired cliche, but a picture really is worth a thousand words. Visuals have the power to cement your brand and its message in the mind of the viewer. They capture in a few seconds everything you want a person to know about your brand and its values. Not only this, but they also enable visitors to recall and associate your brand after they leave your site. Add to this the fact that the average person spends more timing skimming an article rather than actually reading it, and the use of eye-catching visuals becomes even more important.  

Visuals can tell a great story

Everyone loves a good story. Stories help us connect and make sense of a sometimes chaotic world. When done properly, a compelling story can shape a person’s perception of you. Do you want viewers to understand your brand’s commitment to quality or environmental stewardship? Perhaps you want them to know about the hardships experienced by customers and how your brand helped them? Good visuals, such as custom illustrations or fun infographics, can tell the story of your brand in ways a 5,000-page tome simply can’t.

Visuals direct users to take action

Not even the best-looking or well-written piece of content is worth anything if it doesn’t compel readers to take action. After all, the goal of any landing page or website is to convince users to do something, whether filling a form or signing up for a newsletter. Visual cues can encourage action with lines and shapes that tell the customer where they should look. Using certain color schemes can evoke emotions. Using red and orange colors tend to energize a user, while using gray or dark colors tends to make them more relaxed. Finding the right mix of color and shapes, combined with good content, can make your audience want to take action without even realizing it.

Use the power of visuals to boost your brand

Though it may fool some people, no eye-catching visual will make up for a lackluster brand. That’s why it’s important for your visuals to promote your brand’s strengths. Tell users why your brand is different. Focus your visuals not only on capturing users’ attention but on what they stand to gain by choosing you over the competition. For more information on how visuals can help boost your landing page conversions, contact Performance First Marketing today.

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