Facebook has made some major changes to ensure privacy and user experience for everyone who uses the social media site. They have made changes to create a more fun and respectful community. This is good news for companies that heavily market on Facebook because this means individuals will continue to use the app and stay involved with recent trends. Facebook wants to continue to find a good balance between a fun social media avenue and a place for businesses to market their products. This will keep users engaged and interested in the upcoming trends and products. A recent study found that 69 percent of U.S. adults use Facebook. Additionally, Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users. This is a huge platform for companies to post ads and market to a large target market, so these changes affect them as well. Listed below are a few changes Facebook has recently made to keep individuals interested in using the site.

Ad Targeting

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One of the changes Facebook is making as far as ad targeting is requiring advertisers to explain where they acquired people’s information. For example, there needs to be a disclaimer message stating why the user is seeing this particular ad. Facebook wants to make sure that advertisers are getting their audience list from a reputable source and that the individuals have consented to the ads. Facebook is also requiring advertisers to explain to their audience how they received their information. Facebook is hoping that this will create a better relationship with their users and ensure their information is private while using this social media avenue. 

News Feed

Facebook has made changes to what will show up on your news feed. They are trying to tailor your news feed to what you want to see. This means they are ranking what profiles you look at as well as the ads you click on, and they will show those categories first. This will keep you engaged when you are scrolling through your personal feed because the information will pertain to your interests as well as the individuals you would like to see. This greatly benefits companies as well because their ad will be seen by individuals who are interested in their product or service based on what they click on. 

Data History Tools

Everyone wants to know who has access to their information and how they can eventually delete it. Facebook has decided to implement a new feature called “Clear History.” This will allow Facebook users to see the websites that store information with Facebook, and then they will be able to delete that information from their account. Individuals are very worried about privacy nowadays, so this new feature will ease their concerns. This can help companies understand who their audience is as time goes on and their interests change. They will be able to regroup after a history cleanse and cater to what is more relevant in the user’s life. 

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