There is no doubt that social media has changed the way we view and live our lives. From the way we interact with friends and loved ones to the way we get our news on what is happening around us in the world, social media is unavoidable and it is here to stay. 

Social media presents a unique way for consumers to interact with customers and potential clients. It allows for instantaneous communication, engagement, and feedback. It provides a space to share news, promotions, suggestions, and information.

As a business owner or operator, this can be frightening if you do not have a grasp on social media and its many benefits. Fortunately, our Los Angeles digital marketing firm offers complete legal online marketing strategies. We offer a number of online services including mobile geofencing, organic web rankings, social media management, and many more.  

How to Get the Most Out of Social Media VisualsThe Best Practices for Choosing Captivating and Effective Social Media Visuals

As social media changes the marketing world, social media itself continues to shift and transform. For instance, due to continual updates and adjustments, organic reach on Facebook is declining and Twitter is struggling to retain users. The perpetual ups and downs of social media require the steady evolving of the best practices for each platform. 

Joining together the highest-quality information and visuals, allows companies to beat out the competition. Making a positive impression on consumers starts with sharing the right visual content on the right platform. The following is a list of tips to achieving the best video practices on different social media platforms: 

  • Think about your audience – Businesses need to make sure web pages, profiles, and articles are engaging for all audiences. Studying site analytics will allow companies to what types of content and images are proving to be most engaging.
  • Take advantage of videos – Video gives content creators, publishers, and brands more opportunities to connect and engage with their audiences.
  • Keep site traffic in mind – A large majority of the traffic on Twitter comes from mobile devices. Google Analytics will uncover if your site traffic is coming more from mobile devices or desktops. 
  • Consider the number of images – The number of images or videos you post will affect their size and viewability. When posting visuals it is important to keep in mind how they will show up to the audience. 
  • Stand out with something creative – Quality over quantity. Adding custom images or additional context can grab more attention from your audience. Coupling your content with a unique image, graphics, videos, or motion graphics will ensure that your content stands out. 

With each social media platform having its own unique advantages, it is important to determine what platform and content will enhance your company’s content distribution and marketing strategies. Contact our Los Angeles marketing agency today to discover what social media can do for your business. 

Hiring a Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency for Your Online Marketing Needs

Recent research has uncovered that there are around 3.2 billion social media users worldwide and this number continues to increase. Mobile access possibilities are growing, allowing social media to be used almost everywhere. This accessibility grants businesses the opportunity to engage and connect with consumers instantaneously and without ceasing. 

As social media transforms, the best practices for each platform must be altered. Utilizing creative and effective media visuals can increase site traffic and conversion rates. At Performance First Marketing we help create successful digital marketing campaigns. Contact our Los Angeles marketing agency today at (818) 949-2618 to learn more about our marketing on contingency program. 

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