Not too long ago, legal websites were, in a word, static. In the good old days of AOL, you were lucky to have a functioning webpage with some text and simple graphics. Today, 96% of consumers use the internet for legal advice. This means modern websites are a critical part of the customer experience, with blogs, webpages, and videos being standard features of virtually any brand’s digital presence. 

The Rise of Interactive ContentThe Benefits of Interactive Content

This digital revolution in the legal industry comes with a catch. Because the more firms try to utilize “traditional” types of content, the more saturated the market becomes. This makes it increasingly difficult for firms to get their content in front of potential clients and recruits. So what can firms do to differentiate themselves from their competitors while offering customers the information they need to make an informed decision?

One way firms can get ahead of the pack is to use interactive content. Interactive content includes anything that requires the users’ active engagement beyond reading or watching. This can include a quiz, calculator, or an interactive infographic. In return for engagement, users’ receive relevant results they care about in real-time. The benefits of using interactive content include:

Increased Engagement

By definition, interactive content requires users to engage with your firms’ material. When people use a blood-alcohol content (BAC) calculator that is part of your firm’s DUI defense webpage, they are engaged because they want to know where their current or future BAC level stands. In some cases, these quizzes and surveys can help prepare a client to take on a significant life challenge, such as divorce. By tailoring content to the unique situation and interests of the user, you can capture their interest and attention in ways static content simply can’t. This increased engagement can then be taken advantage of by retaining the prospective client or recruit’s interest in the firm and its services.

Improved Credibility

When your content helps customers understand a topic better than they did before, it can’t help but improve your credibility. By testing your visitors’ knowledge or sharing visualizations of data you have gathered in a fun, interactive way, you become an authority on the topic. This increases trust and increases the likelihood visitors will engage with more content or visit your site again.

Gather Information on Your Audience

Though most marketers consider user data a tool to increase engagement or sell advertisements, interactive content offers law firms the opportunity to learn about a target audience in a way that helps them be better lawyers. Data from surveys, polls, calculators, and other interactive content can help you determine what your clients’ primary concerns are. This can be useful not only in developing future marketing content but also to help answer questions about a particular legal issue.

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