SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of maximizing a website’s traffic by placing it high on the list of results on a search engine’s page. Search engines use specific algorithms that factor in hundreds of determinants to decide what websites will appear higher or lower than others. Oftentimes, a certain determinant will hold more significance than another. Search engines do not make public what factors are used by their algorithms, but many websites have factors in common. Some important ones include:


Backlinks – Links that direct traffic back to your website from another site 


Internal Links – A hyperlink to another page or resource on the same website 


Bounce Rate – Percentage of visitors to a site that click into the website, but then leave before viewing other pages on that site 


Quality Content – Useful and valuable content


Length of Content – How much content the webpage contains; often, sites with longer pieces of content rank higher


Updates – Changes and corrections made to the site


These factors are something to think about when creating content for your website. 


What’s Trending

With the age of technology continuously growing, there is a constant need for companies to stay up-to-date on new AdHawk -What Is It and How Does It Workand popular marketing trends. Many consumers want ease and approachability when it comes to good, services, and products, and it is important to keep clients enticed and intrigued when they are browsing online. A study shows that 62% of search engine users only click on results that appear on the first page of the results list. This statistic shows just how truly valuable it can be to take note of the adapting SEO trends. The following is a list of notable SEO trends for 2019. 


Knowing Your Audience – Understanding your audience and what they are expecting is one of the most important trends to follow. Learning what tags and keywords your consumers often use will help bring traffic to your site. When a person visits your website, will they be able to easily find everything they are looking for?


It’s More Than Google – It’s pretty common that when the phrase “search engine” is mentioned, most everyone thinks of Google, but they are forgetting other notable search engines like Bing or Yahoo. There are plenty of different search engines that your company has the possibility of ranking high on. Ranking high on multiple search engine results lists will increase the traffic to your website. 


Quality Content – Providing quality content is a no brainer. Poor quality content is not going to keep consumers interested in your services. Many sites used to focus on the quantity of their content, trying to post daily to keep people paying attention, but it now stands that consumers are more focused on the type of content rather than the amount. 


Functionality – Simplicity when it comes to navigating a site is another trend to look out for. Search engines evaluate websites by speed, ease, and user experience. Those sites that load quicker fall higher in the rankings. 


On-Page SEO – This includes relevant tags that encompass the main keywords of the website page. On-page optimization can also be content that answers commonly searched questions and strong customer support services. Image optimization is also an element of on-page SEO. 


Staying Trendy

Search engines dominate the world, and America is home to some of the most visited websites. Knowing this, it is necessary for websites to take notice of evolving SEO trends. With the right formatting and content, your website can be your strongest marketing tool. It can be overwhelming to try and follow the ever-changing marketing trends, and that is where our marketing consulting firm of Los Angeles. We offer our clients the opportunity to broaden their reach and develop a strong marketing campaign. Contact our legal marketing agency today at 818-949-2618 for marketing guidance. 

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