Blogging is an important component of online marketing. It is proven to be one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness. Creating compelling content can increase traffic to your company’s website. It serves as an inexpensive way for companies to enhance marketing efforts and attract the attention of new customers. 

Recent research has uncovered that the layout of your blog may be just as important as a marketing tool as the blog itself. The two main layouts of blogs include: list view and grid view. List view is generally the layout used by most businesses, but studies show that it isn’t always the most effective. 

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List Style BlogWebsite Development Features for Your Law Firm

List style blogs consist of a classic stacked list of posts and start with the most recent post at the top. This style of blog allows for viewers to browse in chronological order. 

List style blogs offer little distraction, which can be a helpful marketing strategy. With fewer distractions, customers are more focused on the content of the blog that can include a call to action, a subscription, or even an inbound link. 

Blogs in this format are easy for users to navigate and browse through. List style blogs are the more common choice for blog layout as they encourage conversions through insightful text and attention-grabbing content. 


Grid Style Blog 

Grid style blogs are consistently less common than list-style blogs. This is often due to the fact that they offer less information on the main page. When customers come upon a main blog page that is set up in grid style fashion, they are likely to be choosing material based on content but also based on imagery. Preview pictures dominate a majority of the space, so it is crucial that businesses choose wisely. 

Images can feel mismatched and unorganized if they are not similar in size and color scheme, but when they have a common theme they offer professionalism and aestheticism. 

Another downfall of grid style blogs is that they don’t present a lot of space to add details, such as dates, or categories. This can be avoided by taking care to edit your blog page to always show your most recent posts, or even categorizing posts by date or subject. 


When to Use Grid Style Layouts for Your Blog

Under most circumstances, it would seem that grid style layouts do not make much sense for marketing and brand awareness. Yet, the following is a list of three different scenarios in which grid views prove to be beneficial. 

  • When The Date Doesn’t Matter. If a company has a lot of blog articles but they don’t necessarily contain timely material, a grid style blog may work. People who are not concerned about the timeline can utilize content for data research purposes.
  • When You Want To Suppress The Frequency Of Your Posts. A graphical layout of the most popular topics will give consumers a feeling of engagement. In this case, if a company does not put a high priority on the number of posts but quality, their strengths can be highlighted.
  • Your Site Has Fans. When a company has numerous fans that visit the website frequently, the grid style layout may actually be more appealing from a marketing standpoint. It offers a magazine-style aesthetic and can include features and mixed media content to entertain consumers, rather than worrying about converting them.


How A Marketing Agency Can Enhance Your Blog

Knowing whether to choose a list or grid view layout for your blog can be a difficult decision. Though list layouts are more common, grid views have benefits to offer as well. Blogs can be a critical marketing tool for your company so it is important to utilize them in the most effective way possible. 

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