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The main goal of the yearly conference is to inspire people to create their own unique content marketing and network with some of the most experienced creators in the business. Content Marketing World can help businesses and entrepreneurs alike to design a successful content marketing plan to grow and captivate consumers. 

Performance First Marketing has years of experience assisting companies with their marketing strategies. From content creation to social media management, our marketing agency handles it all. 

Performance First Marketing can help companies and individuals to apply tips and techniques from Content Marketing World to their own marketing plan.

The following is a list of important lessons that were covered at Content Marketing World:


Words: Pick ones to convert Top 7 Digital Marketing Services

When creating any kind of content, it is crucial to keep in mind what audience you are trying to reach and attract. Keeping in mind word selection can make all the difference when it comes to converting consumers. 

Deciding what words to use can be tricky, but testing different hypotheses will allow your business to discover what words to use and in what circumstances. For example, studies found that when creating call-to-action buttons, the word “submit” was clicked on more times than when the call-to-action was labeled “I want in.” 

Visuals: Don’t make these common mistakes

Three common mistakes occur when using visuals, such as charts and infographics. 

  • Using extraneous information
  • Telling and not showing
  • Choosing inappropriate chart format

These mistakes can take away from the ease and usefulness of visuals. 

Videos: Keep them watching

YouTube has grown to be a very successful search engine, especially now in the era of digital marketing. Unlike Google, who strives to provide answers and send people on their way, YouTube strategically delivers valuable content that answers questions and simultaneously entices the searcher to stay, and even share. 

Emails: Automate your best communication vehicles

Research has found that automated emails drive 60 percent higher open rates and 200 percent higher click-through rates than business-usual emails. Further data shows that besides birthday emails, welcome emails received the highest open rates overall. 

Reformatting welcome emails can help to close sales and even generate more consumer attention by offering related content or free trials. 

Audience: See their loyalty in your funnel

Marketers should not lose focus when a top-of-the-funnel buyer converts to a sale or subscription. In the end, ensuring that an equal amount of time and commitment is made to providing content for new subscribers and customers will help to retain them. 

Audits: Make them strategic

If you’re planning a content audit in the near future, it is helpful to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Identify your main goal
  • Identify the content to include
  • Define your inventory/audit facets
  • Inventory the content to be audited
  • Audit the content in your inventory

Studies found that it is vital to follow the points in order. Many businesses start with bullet point three or four, but not identifying your main goal at the start can decrease the effectiveness of the other steps. 


Implementing These Lessons With Performance First

The provided lessons from Content Marketing World create a helpful base and starting point for companies and/or entrepreneurs. Implementing these lessons can be tricky for those who do not have the experience or knowledge of content marketing. 

Our marketing agency of Los Angeles provides law firms with comprehensive marketing strategies to increase client engagement and promote brand awareness. With the above lessons, coupled with our content marketing knowledge, we can take your law firm to the next level. 

Contact Performance First Marketing today at (818) 949-2618 to learn more about our marketing on contingency program. 


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