How To Survive A Social Media Midlife Crisis

The rise of the digital age has begun to change how businesses market their products. Billboards and newspaper advertisements give way to tweets and Youtube videos. To survive the shift to the digital world, companies are being forced to tailor their business strategies to better reach their customers, and that means utilizing social media. 

Social media is no longer seen as simply a platform for sharing and connecting with friends, now businesses have realized it is a crucial marketing tool. It is an opportunity to connect with potential clients and other professionals in your industry. 

Unfortunately, social media is currently in crisis. Although Facebook is only 14 years old, and Twitter even younger at 12, millennials are already starting to grow tired of the same things. A statistic like this can be scary for companies that are invested in the social media game, but it is not the end of the world. This only goes to show that businesses need to slow down and pay more attention to the way they are marketing on social media platforms. Like all business strategies and tools, the customer’s needs and wants have to come first. 

At Performance First Marketing our team creates social media marketing campaigns that help businesses to establish brand identity, connect with prospective clients, and share valuable information with the public. 

What Does Your Social Media Marketing Make People Feel? Twitter Tips For Law Firms

As mentioned above, social media is in crisis as more people are logging off and deleting their apps. Studies found that one of the main reasons for this is that many consumers are claim that social media makes them feel insecure and hurts their self-esteem. When used in the wrong way, instead of inspiring and encouraging, social media can actually bring about negativity and self-loathing. 

Social media should be used to connect and share common experiences. The right marketing tools and strategies can help create a relationship between business and consumer. A relationship based on shared values, common experiences, and helpful communication. 

Is Your Company Using Social Media To Actually Be Social?

Posting relevant content is one of the most influential tools that most businesses neglect when using social media. No one goes on to social media specifically to search out different brands or products. Social media’s main purpose is to create and nurture relationships. Many companies get caught up in promoting new products or brand initiatives that they lose sight of arguably one of the most important tools, their voice. 

Using a consistent voice along with regular and engaging content helps businesses to engage with potential clients. Instead of broadcasting overcomplicated technical terms, companies need to be transparent and honest. Use social media to introduce important employees from the company, promote brand values, and communicate with consumers on a personal level. 

Social Media Management With Performance First 

Knowing that social media is in crisis can be an overwhelming obstacle for many companies. A number of social media platforms are barely a decade old and already their popularity is slowing down. This does not have to mean that your business will slow down as well. 

Our law marketing agency of Los Angeles helps businesses to navigate the social media marketing world. We create a social media marketing campaigns that successfully improve your company’s online presence, increase brand recognition, and create a cost-effective strategy to reach thousands of prospective clients. 

Performance First boasts a unique marketing approach that sets us apart from other marketing agencies. We believe this approach helps us to create a foundation of trust with our clients that is based on proven results. Contact our Los Angeles law marketing agency today at 818-949-2618 to get started. 




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