How To Master Mobile Marketing 

As society shifts to a more mobile-centered world, the rise of mobile marketing continues. Studies show that in the last ten years, the use of desktop computers has decreased. As the use of mobile phones increases, the value of mobile marketing continues to grow. The mobility of cell phones and their ease of interactivity allow them to be a vital asset to companies looking to expand their marketing outlets. With the age of mobile marketing progressing, there is a need for companies to keep evolving their business plans and tactics. The following is a guide to mastering the art of mobile marketing. 


Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

It is important that your full website is also available in a mobile-compatible format. Oftentimes, consumers run into issues when trying to browse a website on their mobile phones when the site is formatted incorrectly. Website design is an essential tool for businesses, especially when combined with an inclusive marketing strategy. 


Utilize SMS Text Messaging How To Master Mobile Marketing

In 2002, a total of 670 billion SMS messages were sent globally. This number is set to increase as society shifts to a mobile-centric way of life. Businesses have noticed this trend and begun to market their brands via text messaging. SMS can be used to create brand awareness or send updates about important changes or promotions at a company. Mobile geofencing is another noteworthy tool that utilizes text messaging. With geofencing, a company can send texts to mobile phone users after they have entered a certain geographic area. Geofencing can be used to not only create website traffic but also to alert nearby consumers to your business. 


Make Social Media A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Social media is not simply a way for people to connect with other people; it is a way for businesses to connect with potential clients. Social media allows companies to create a strong brand image, contact prospective clients, and share important information about goods and services. Between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there are many different social media platforms that can be utilized to create a buzz about your company. Using social media will increase the number of places online that your business can be searched for and found. 


Create A Mobile App

Creating a mobile-friendly website is a good first step, but it may not be enough. 50% of all adults using cell phones have downloaded apps to their mobile device, while another statistic shows 75% of all tablet owning adults have apps downloaded there as well. Creating a mobile app creates ease and accessibility for your consumers. Apps compile everything about your company into one place, which allows people to waste less time searching around and more time browsing all that your business has to offer. 


Get Started On Mobile Marketing Today

If you have never tried mobile marketing it can be overwhelming. Switching from a traditional marketing strategy to a new-age, technology-driven approach doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Performance First, we understand how to navigate the mobile marketing world and can help create a marketing campaign that aligns with your company’s brand and values. As a marketing firm in Los Angeles, we excel at broadening the reach of our clients and generating business through a range of marketing solutions. We believe our unique approach allows us to be successful and create a foundation of trust in our clients. If you want to take the step into mobile marketing, contact us today at 818-949-2618. 

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