Much has been made about how the internet is largely “fake.” Recent lawsuits and criminal prosecutions have shown that much of what counts as “engagement” is being fabricated. Hackers using malware to fleece advertisers with fake websites and fake human consumers. Social media platforms overstating how long users watched videos or the number of referral clicks to external websites. These revelations can shake marketers confidence that the content they create is actually being viewed by the right people, if it’s being viewed at all.

So what can we do about this? The answer is actually simpler than people realize. In order to stop being the victims of faulty metrics and fake traffic, we need to take back control of our content.

What is Organic Content?How Organic Content Can Overcome the “Fake” Internet

When told the word “organic” the first thing many people think of is the food sector. While the term originated in the food industry, the push toward healthy, responsibly-sourced products has relevance in marketing as well. Companies rely on locally-sourced content, either for their website or social media channels, as a way to build trust with customers. Having quality content that people want to read and can easily find help decrease advertising costs as well as build brand equity.

But, as with food, changes in the way people shop can create problems. When Facebook altered its news feed algorithms that prioritize user content instead of brand content, it made organic marketing difficult. This, in turn, has led to a swing in the direction of paid marketing. While paid advertising and searches can help get content in front of audiences, it also means there is less to spend on content creation. In addition, relying on paid advertising makes companies vulnerable to scams involving fraudulent metrics.

Why You Should Invest in Organic Content

As with any business decision, there are usually two rationales for why you should make a particular investment. The first is whether the decision is in keeping with your brand and your values. The second is whether the investment will result in a meaningful return. By creating and utilizing organic content, you can do both. Organic content allows you full control over your marketing strategy. It enables people to find the content they actually like. It also allows greater assurance the people reading it are your target audience and not “fake.”

And with the focus on social sites trying to combat “fake” content and internet traffic, markets are seeing a difference in how people find content. This is apparent in the upward trend of search-based traffic versus social. According to a recent study, 2017 was the first time search engines outpaced social media for referral traffic. By creating your own content that optimizes SEO, you can be sure the people reading it are potential customers, not bots.

Los Angeles Organic Content Creation and Distribution

Organic content creation and distribution can be overwhelming for those who haven’t done it before. Our team at Performance First Marketing can give you the peace of mind knowing your Los Angeles content creation strategy will be well-managed and implemented. Give us a call at 818-949-2618 and speak with one of our marketing experts to learn more about how we can help you elevate your organic content strategy or develop one for you.

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