Most people are familiar with the old adage about not getting a second chance to make a first impression, which is precisely why many businesses are right to be concerned when online searches relating to the companies generate negative results. Bad reviews, embarrassing pictures, and other types of damaging online material can lead to some consumers possibly adopting unfavorable views of companies based on material that may be misleading or completely false.

If you need assistance managing the online reputation of your business, you will want to contact Performance First. Our Canoga Park office helps clients all over the nation, and you can have us discuss the best solution for your particular needs as soon as you call (818) 949-2618.

Common Reasons to Invest in Reputation Management

Reputation Management servicesSome people believe that limiting their own online activity prevents them from being subject to negative online reputations, but a person or company’s reputation is not dictated solely by their own actions. In many cases, often anonymous users of various outlets can make incredibly damaging statements about a business, its practices, or its employees.

In general, negative claims about a comment usually take one of three forms:

  • Negative publicity — When a company is the subject of or connected to a news story that carries negative connotations, it can have an immediate effect on a majority of search results connected to the company. In general, the most effective counter to negative press is generating positive press.
  • Negative reviews — Reviews on a variety of popular websites carry tremendous weight with most users, and disgruntled former employees can frequently use review websites as ways to post damaging feedback while also posting low ratings.
  • Negative websites — In some cases, former employees or other business partners may create or utilize websites developed solely to post disparaging information about a company. Unfortunately, such websites can frequently appear very highly in search results for a business.

Countering Negative Online Reputations

A real reputation management solution needs to incorporate every facet of a company’s online industry. In addition to reactive measures intended to correct existing problems, additional proactive steps should be taken in numerous areas (such as social media) to prevent future issues.

Certain outlets online have built-in tools that are supposed to prevent any abuses of software by users to harm companies, but not all instances are prevented. Some reviews or other material that violates a user agreement may be removable by contacting a website administrator.

Performance First offers comprehensive reputation management services. We can help you develop a personalized management strategy that will provide complete analysis and control.

Find a Reputation Management Company

If you need help with negative reviews or other unwanted online feedback affecting your company, you will want to contact Performance First as soon as possible. We use social media, legal blogs, press releases, and all other available avenues to help clients gain pristine online reputations.

Call (818) 949-2618 right now or contact us online to schedule a consultation that will let us review your situation and help you understand all of your options.

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