Everything You Need To Know About Writing Meta Descriptions

The phrase “meta description” can cause panic and confusion but not to worry, it’s actually much simpler than you think. A meta description is the small bit of text that appears below the blue link in a search engine result. It acts as a summary of the content that is presented on the webpage linked above. 

Meta descriptions are not an official ranking factor in Google search results, but they can be edited to promote traffic to the webpage. The more content that your business creates and the further you look into inbound marketing, the more you will see that meta descriptions can heavily influence traffic to and recognition of your webpage. 

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Do I Really Need A Meta Description?7 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

The short answer is yes. Meta descriptions help searchers decide whether or not to click on the link to an article or webpage. In other words, they can convince consumers to visit your site or choose another. The following are a few reasons why meta descriptions are so important: 

  1. They Increase Click-Through Rates and Visits from Organic Searches

When you perform a search on Google or another search engine, 

organic web results are the unpaid results that show up based on relevance. 

Meta descriptions can persuade consumers to click on your link instead of 

someone else’s. 

      2. They Give the Right People the Right Information at the Right Time

Meta descriptions can be beneficial for your business when people conduct an 

advanced search. Advanced searches allow people to enter more criteria for 

what words they want the search results to include. The criteria can affect your

meta description which helps determine if your webpage shows up. 


Meta Description Length

The ideal length for your meta description is around 160 characters, including spaces. Although, the ideal length has changed in the past couple of years.

In late 2017, many SEO experts noticed that Google search results were starting to show upwards of 300-character meta descriptions. Marketing teams realized the change and began to adapt to it. After questioning this change, it was decided by most SEO marketing experts that there is no perfect length for a meta description. 

As you create a meta description for your web page it is most important to focus on how useful the meta description is. A good rule to keep is anywhere from 150-160 characters. This will ensure that your meta description is not cut off with an ellipsis. 


Using A Marketing Agency To Produce The Best Meta Description

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