Marketers often wonder if email marketing is on its way out. Many individuals question this due to the high volume of mass emails that come through inboxes daily. The truth is that email marketing has drastically changed over the recent years. Marketers are far too focused on creating flashy emails with irresistible subject lines and have lost sight of the core value of their digital channel. This core value is one-on-one engagement with consumers. When email marketing is executed correctly, it can be a crucial component of a successful marketing strategy. 

Email Marketing Now Compared To When It First Started 

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When email marketing first started, it was an exciting way for consumers to become informed about all the new products on the market and the different promotions. The digital world was still in the beginning phases, so receiving a mysterious message was appealing to consumers. These messages were more personalized to the sender and they were straightforward messages. 

Nowadays, technology has been around for a while and there isn’t any hype around receiving mass emails. Marketers have tried to come up with exciting ways to interest consumers in opening up their emails. They have tried to create flashy emails with exciting headlines to interest consumers. Instead, consumers are becoming overwhelmed by the continuous and non-personalized emails that come through. Individuals are putting these emails aside or deleting them immediately. These emails are also getting sent to spam folders when they are sent from an unfamiliar sender. Spam emails are dangerous because this has become one of the most effective avenues for malware, so it is understandable why individuals are ignoring messages. 

Many individuals don’t trust mass emails and do not give away their email address anymore. This could be because the United States is home to 7 of the top 10 spammers in the world. Other individuals have completely shut down their email of promotional junk mail or repeatedly unsubscribed to emails, and utilize a completely new one where they don’t allow random companies to send them emails.

Recreating Email Marketing Strategy 

Individuals spend a lot of their day checking emails and building an email marketing strategy is a great way to reach a large target audience if executed correctly. Individuals appreciate emails that are more personalized towards their needs along with useful information. Relevant and useful information are two key aspects of creating a successful email marketing strategy. Listed below are a few helpful ideas to utilize when creating an email marketing strategy. 

  • Refine Email List- Verify all of the individuals on your email list to ensure they are interested in your product or service. It is better to write to a small group of individuals who want your emails as opposed to hundreds of individuals who instantly delete your message.
  • Speak As A Human- Create content that individuals will want to read. Don’t create an email that seems like it’s coming from a robot. Write a meaningful message as if it were only being sent to one person.
  • Build Relationships- Don’t just send a lengthy email trying to sell your product. These emails typically end up in the spam folder and individuals typically don’t appreciate these. If your email is just a sales pitch, you won’t get much attention from consumers because they will disregard it.
  • Create Visually Appealing Emails- If an individual sees a more lively and colorful email, often they are more likely to open it up and read it. Create an email that will grab consumer’s attention right away so they will want to click on it and read the message.

Hiring A Los Angeles Marketing Agency

Discovering a unique way to implement an email marketing strategy can be difficult. If you are looking to enhance your current strategy or need some advice, Performance First Marketing can help you with all of your marketing needs. We want to help you set yourself apart from your competitors. To find out how our Los Angeles marketing firm can help you with your marketing strategies, contact us today at (818) 949-2618.

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