When big companies make a stance for what they believe, it often impacts many individuals such as their customers and business partners. Research has shown that 62 percent of consumers want companies to take a stand on cultural, social, and environmental factors. Consumers like to know a company’s viewpoints. Many companies will take a stance because of generational changes and the growing need to differentiate themselves from competitors. Corporate responsibility directly correlates with marketing strategies. Many customers like to know the corporation’s values and viewpoints. One of the best ways to communicate these things to the public is by utilizing a myriad of different marketing strategies. 

Take A Stance

The Benefits of Interactive Content

Companies who take a stance on a certain topic often experience two things. They will experience customers who appreciate their viewpoints and others who don’t agree with them. When a company takes a stance, they don’t need to speak out on touchy topics. When companies stand for something outwardly to the public, they need to be prepared for any backlash that could occur. The Harvard Business Review found that nowadays consumers expect brands to have functional benefits as well as social purposes, which are prompting companies to take a stance in visible ways. Listed below are three helpful points to keep in mind when a company is deciding whether or not to take a stance on a certain topic.

  •     The topic needs to be important to your customers.
  •     The stance needs to entail some type of risk to show the customers you are fighting for something.
  •     It has to be relevant to your particular industry.

If you can uncover these points when taking a stance, customers will often respect your views more and you will gain trust from these individuals. It is important to fight for what you believe in but do it respectfully and responsibly. 

How To Avoid Risks 

The biggest risk when a company takes a stance is making current customers mad and losing them for future business. This risk will always be there no matter how confident you are in your stance. You can’t make everyone happy and someone will be upset about it. It is important to make sure the negative individuals don’t pull your current customers away with them. The idea in taking a stance is that individuals will rally around your views and you will positively draw attention to build stronger customer relationships.

Knowing your audience and industry is critical to creating a stance because the more you know them, the more you understand what will make them mad and what will make them rally around your idea. Also, keep in mind that actions always speak louder than words. Every company can talk and publish what they want to do, but not all of them actually follow their own words. The companies who truly believe in what they say and follow it will create a stronger customer base.

Hiring A Los Angeles Marketing Agency

If you are looking to better your marketing strategy or need advice on taking a stance, Performance First Marketing can assist you. Having a strong marketing strategy directly correlates with profits and workflow. At Performance First Marketing, we utilize unique tactics to create successful marketing strategies. To find out how our Los Angeles marketing firm can help you with your marketing strategies, contact us today at (818) 949-2618.

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