A Comprehensive Guide To Amazon Advertising

Countless people are familiar with the company Amazon. From Halloween costumes to engagement rings, the website sells almost every item one could imagine and, oftentimes, for a lesser price than at a commercial store. One of the large reasons that Amazon continues to be successful and create so much revenue is through their advertising. In past years, you may have noticed the increased amount of ads that show up on the Facebook homepage when scrolling through the news feed. These ads bring in important revenue for the website. In the same manner, Amazon implements advertising through product search suggestions, banner ads, and suggested products. The sites online traffic continues to grow as more people are buying products online. 

Why Advertise With Amazon

Buying products online is becoming the new norm in society today. A Comprehensive Guide To Amazon AdvertisingOnline shopping allows consumers to skip out on traffic and avoid waiting in lines, making leaving the house no longer necessary. A recent poll recorded that around 92% of American online shoppers have purchased a product from Amazon. This incredible statistic makes Amazon a hub for online traffic, but more importantly, an ideal place to advertise your product and/or company. 


Important Strategies

There are multiple different ways to advertise on Amazon and it can be hard to determine which is the best. Even after picking what route will aid your company the most, choosing what product to advertise can be another tricky decision. Here are a few things to think about when deciding. 

What are we trying to achieve?

Smaller companies may be looking to use Amazons larger platform to help increase their size. New businesses can use advertising to create brand awareness. Maybe your company is well-known but you simply are looking to boost your sales. Whatever the case, it is important to come up with an advertising goal so it can be monitored and measured.

What do we advertise?

With any business, there are always a handful of products to choose from. It is important to pick a product that is popular with an increased client base (i.e. one that caters to a large demographic). As well as picking a favored product, it is vital to pick one that is regularly in stock and price-competitive.  

Is my product detail page eye-catching?

When a consumer clicks on your product’s advertisement, it will lead them to your product page. If the product page is boring and uninformative, consumers are likely to click off it and forget about the product. It is important for this page to promote your brand in a positive and enticing way. Try using clear and concise descriptions, high-quality imagery, and creative content.


How To Advertise On Amazon

After you have chosen the product you would like to advertise and created a noteworthy product page, all that’s left to choose is what kind of Amazon advertisement you are going to use. 

Sponsored product ads 

Amazon sponsored product ads are pay-per-click and keyword-targeted. These ads will navigate consumers directly to a product you are selling. The keywords for sponsored product ads fall into three categories: exact, phrase, or broad match. 

Exact keywords are the most specific kind of keywords, as the search must contain your exact keyword with no supplementary words before or after. 

Phrase keywords focus on the order or sequence of the words used. For example, “red rain boots” indicates you sell rain boots. Yet, “rain red boots” indicates you sell red boots but not necessarily rain boots. 

Broad match keywords can include adjunctive words before and/or after the target keyword. 

Headline search ads

Headline search ads appear on the search results page, right above the list of results. These ads lead consumers back to a specified Amazon page. Similar to sponsored product ads, headline search ads are keyword targeted. 

Product display ads

Product display ads work differently than the two mentioned above, as they are not targeted by keyword, rather by interest or product targeted display ads. These ads direct consumers to the product detail page. These ads can be found in numerous places, such as the search results page, customer reviews page, offer listings page, and in Amazon marketing emails.  


How To Get Started

Even with this comprehensive guide, it can be overwhelming to jump into the online advertising world, especially with such a big company like Amazon. Our marketing consulting firm of Los Angeles will analyze your company’s website and current marketing strategies, and then create a custom-made marketing solution for you. We can aid in immediately increasing traffic to your company website and help create strong content to bring a constant stream of customers to your business. If you are in need of a marketing consultant in Los Angeles, contact our offices today at (818) 949-2678

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