Many people are aware that businesses have Facebook pages. Even those that have yet to set up their own website have at least set up a page and profile with information about the business and the services they provide. Facebook is an easy-to-use and free way for people to get their feet wet in the world of marketing, but inexperienced business owners tend to just set up their page and leave it untouched for months or even years. Facebook is a valuable resource for you if you are planning to establish an online presence for your law firm. While setting up a nice profile picture and listing your hours of operation may be a good start, it is merely the first step.

Facebook Insights Keep You In The Know

social media facebook marketingAll business pages on Facebook have an informational feature called Facebook Insights. They are simple and comprehensive graphs and numbers that detail the activity on your page. From the number of likes to your progress of post clicks, all of the traffic on your page is immediately at your fingertips. This information is very valuable to your business. If you are posting high-quality ads that promote a particular service and you notice a significant rise in comments and shares for that week, that may be a sign to keep doing what you’re doing! On the other hand, maybe you post consistently, but your numbers are flatlining. This may be a sign that it’s time to start switching strategies.

Paid Features Are Still Economical For Your Business

Facebook offers a number of marketing features for a small fee that you should take advantage of as well. When compared to traditional methods of media advertising, such as ads on TV or radio, Facebook ads are still cheaper. In addition, they are much more efficient at reaching target audiences. For example, one method lets you “boost” a post that you’ve published to your page, meaning that it will pop up on people’s news feeds who may otherwise be unaware of your business and services. You can target your reached audience by age and the interests they commonly search. If you published a Facebook post advertising your legal services for DUI cases, you could boost your post to people who have searched terms like #legal, #attorney, and #DUI.

Reach Your Intended Market More Efficiently

With custom marketing features like the one available on Facebook, it’s no wonder that people are making the jump to social media to promote their brand. By tailoring ads to your chosen target audience, you can gain more potential clients quickly and efficiently. You can even keep track of competitors who are fighting for your same clients. Facebook has a “Watch Page” feature where you can monitor competitor’s activity.

While many businesses use Facebook, not nearly enough of them are maximizing the potential of their social media platform. If you need help mastering your law firm’s online presence, call Performance First Marketing at 818-949-2618 today.

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