Social media has brought attention to the world of hashtags. What was originally considered to be the pound sign for most generations, is now a symbol all of its own. And it’s a very important one at that. Hashtags are like the labels to the internet’s giant file cabinet. With hashtags, we are able to sort and categorize content. It is easier for people to find relevant material they are looking for as well. As a business owner, if you are looking to take command of your presence online, mastering the hashtag should be one of your first steps.

A Universal Marketing Strategy

hashtags social mediaWhile hashtags used to only be associated with Twitter, the trend very quickly spread across all social media platforms. Today they have not only become essential to marketing for large businesses and corporations, and they flood our daily content whether it be food, politics, or fashion.

Be Conscious of Your Platform

A hashtag may seem like a simple addition to any promotional post for your business, but the truth is that your content should vary depending on what type of social media platform you are using. Instagram, for example, is an image-centered platform. Posts are more about the image itself rather than the description or caption that goes along with it. Hashtags on Instagram, therefore, should be used sparingly and should only be used to describe the image included. On the other hand, a social media platform such as Twitter focuses on the message that you can deliver within the 140 character limit. Twitter is a site where you can have more of a conversation with your following.

Using Hashtags Correctly

In addition to tailoring your use of hashtags to the platform that you’re using, your hashtags should also make sense. Many businesses make the mistake of using their hashtag as a brand promotion. For instance,the may use #Bobspainting instead of simply #painting. In reality, #painting has the capacity to reach many more potential clients. In addition, businesses also tend to make their hashtags too long. As a general rule of thumb, if the hashtag is more than three words long, people may not be inclined to use it. Ultimately, hashtags should be viewed as an essential marketing tool that can elevate your business.

Building a Business

There is no denying that your business can only thrive with a strong online presence. And as competition begins to grow, sometimes the thing that can set you apart from the rest is the ability to work platforms like social media to your advantage. Attracting clients shouldn’t be a laborious task, however, as you need to focus on the services that your business provides. For a successful law firm, that means that attorneys should be left to focus on the work that matters— helping the client. At Performance First Marketing, we can take control of your marketing needs to make your business the best that it can be. Call us today at 818-949-2618 to learn more.

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