Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows for even young businesses to quickly compete for valuable clicks from online consumers. With PPC advertising, an advertiser pays a publisher (most often a search engine) when visitors click on their ads through either a flat-rate (set rates for clicks) or bid-based (based on private auctions) agreements.

For many companies, PPC advertising can be a highly cost-effective method of generating new business. When PPC campaigns are not properly managed, however, the results can end up being significant losses and countless missed opportunities.

Developing a PPC Campaign

law firm ppc adsAny successful PPC campaign is going to involve some research. Fortunately, PPC advertising usually provides incredible amounts of data to be scoured. One aspect that is critical to track is a company’s conversion rate as it relates to a website’s visitors.

A conversion does not always necessarily have to mean a sale. For example, downloading material from the website or completing a contact firm can be counted as a conversion. A company will want to track its conversion rate in order to maximize the effectiveness of its PPC campaign.

Conversion rates can then be multiplied by the number of clicks generated and the profit from conversions to determine whether the amount a company is spending on a PPC advertisement exceeds the costs of such advertising. In many cases, companies benefit from companies that cater to “long-tailed keywords,” which are phrases that are far more specific and custom-tailored to more limited searches.

For example, it can be more expensive for a company to bid for an advertisement using the term “necktie.” Yet, a company might generate a stronger conversion rate at a lower cost per click for the phrase “striped men’s necktie.”

Two of the most popular PPC advertising systems those of major search engines, such as Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads. Performance First can identify the most advantageous sources for your PPC ads.

Continuous Analysis of California PPC Terms

Performance First handles PPC advertising campaigns for law firms all over the country. We regularly review your PPC campaign effectiveness by :

  • Adding relevant keywords;
  • Deleting expensive or under-performing keywords; and
  • Refine landing pages to improve conversion rates.

Many novice PPC campaigns suffer because of similar oversights, such as directing visitors to website pages that are not relevant to the PPC ads. Our firm has extensive experience managing effective PPC campaigns that deliver strong results.

We know that a few dollars spent on an online advertisement is trivial when it generates much more in profit. Performance First can make sure that people visiting your website because of PPC ads also take the desired actions.

Find a PPC Company for your Law Firm

If you are seeking assistance with a PPC campaign for your own or your company’s website, you will want to contact Performance First. We pride ourselves on an ability to help clients be listed on Google for the most competitive search terms.

Our company can help you understand all of your options so you can determine the best path forward with your PPC campaign. We can provide a free consultation to discuss your needs as soon as you call (818) 949-2618 or contact us online .

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