Everybody is looking for the best business solutions, especially when you are trying to get your business off the ground. Your business means everything to you so, by default, it means everything to us for you to get the start you deserve. Because it seems like everybody has their face glued to an iPhone or Samsung today, it’s important to consider how you can meet the demands of your business by switching to a mobile environment. Does the jump help or hurt?

Why You Should Switch to Mobile

Lawyer MarketingDid you know that 75% of shoppers use mobile to make their purchases? Smartphones have shaped the way we look at a business, which is why we urge you to ensure you have aspects of your business set up on mobile platforms. Here are some of the reasons why mobile is making a difference in the way you market:

Social Media Headed to Mobile: Mobile phones are rising when it comes to media shares. What’s easier than spending a long day at work and coming home to relax so that you can scroll through pages of social media that you missed? It seems like this is the go-to nowadays, which is why it is important to make sure that your business is set up on a mobile platform. 46% of smartphone users post pictures and videos on social media at least once a week, and those who use smartphones are also 33% more likely to engage social media. You want to keep a connection with those who buy from you or utilize your services.

Generational Shift: More millennials are switching to phones when it comes to every aspect of life. Millennials, in fact, tend to prefer mobile phones over using a desktop computer. This is because they believe in innovation and open-mindedness, or everything that your smartphone stands for.

Ability to Personalize: By using a smartphone, you have a larger ability to personalize everything to suit the needs of your customers. 70% of people believe that customized content makes them feel closer to the brand they buy from, so you don’t want to miss out.

Email Marketing: Nowadays, almost everybody checks their email from a smartphone at some point or another. In fact, 42% of emails are opened up on a phone, which is a big improvement from the years before. If you switch to this type of marketing, you can improve services, sales, and engage customers in new ways you would have never thought of.

Marketing is changing in front of our very eyes. You want to create the best mobile marketing strategy by understanding what your audience wants. Engage them rather than hit them with a long wall of text. Keep them interested through an easy-to-use platform that is accessible from their phone. You want to be one of the last things somebody thinks about when they put their phone down. We want to help you embrace the many changes of marketing and work toward a brighter future for your business. Contact us at Performance First Marketing to find out how we can help at 818-949-2618.






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