A strong social media presence is an important aspect to include in your law firm’s marketing strategy. Social media allows you to connect with your audience, communicate your firm’s message, and draw in new clients. Effective use of social media will increase traffic flow to your site, which will, in turn, improve your pages search engine ranking. A higher ranking leads to higher visibility.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Law Firms.Your potential clients are using social media. People in our tech-savvy society are turning to social media more frequently to search for the services that they need. As such, it is crucial that your firm is engaging with potential clients in order to remain competitive. Creating a connection with your intended audience is vital for building long-lasting relationships.

Below are the top three social media platforms that law firms need to utilize to even begin making an impact. When you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level, contact the experienced online marketing team at Performance First. 

Top 3 Social Media Sites for Law Firms


LinkedIn is one of the top social media platforms for law firms. This site provides lawyers with a way to share relevant and high-quality content with their intended audience. Firms can use LinkedIn to provide information such as useful articles that pertain to their particular area of expertise. This is attractive to potential clients who are in need of helpful knowledge and builds up your firm’s credibility.


Facebook is another popular social media platform that lawyers are wise to make use of. One of the benefits of Facebook is the Facebook insights feature that the site offers, which allows you to track user data. This is incredibly valuable, as it gives you the opportunity to see who is looking at your page, where the majority of your audience is located, and how long people view your content on average. This way you can see what marketing strategies are effective, which helps you craft a profile that appeals to your target audience.


Twitter is very useful for starting a conversation between your firm and potential clients. This platform offers you a convenient method to share helpful articles with your audience, which cements your firm’s image as a credible source.

SEO and Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing requires expertise and effort in order to be successful. A team of marketing professionals can assist you in creating a social media marketing plan that shines a light on the best your company has to offer. At Performance First Marketing, we have the skills and knowledge of online marketing and audience behavior necessary to help you craft a social media presence that will prove effective in attracting new clients. Allow us to help you hone in on the specific strategies that will work for your firm.

Creating and maintaining a presence on social media is one of the many ways that your law firm can gain an edge in today’s competitive online market. Working with a team of marketing professionals is the best way to go about doing so. Our team at Performance First Marketing has a thorough understanding of the importance of social media as part of a strong marketing plan. Contact us at (818) 949-2618 or online to find out more about the services that we offer.

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