For companies that want to stay ahead, listen up: because there are tons of new, great marketing tactics available for 2018! From changes in the way we see companies on our mobile phones, to new ways to personalize your content and be seen, we’re looking forward to it all. Today we want to share some of these things with you so you can get a head start on improving your business for the New Year and rising in the ranks!

New in Social Media for 2018

Social media managementIntegrating Mobile: Almost everybody owns a smartphone today. In fact, statistics show us that 2 billion people use smartphones today! Many companies fail to realize that, most of the page-visiting done every day by customers is done on the phone. That’s why smartphones and social media go hand in hand. Research shows that mobile is on the rise. Just look at Facebook, who claims to have had a 20% rise this year compared to how many people used mobile on their website last year. Eventually, mobile will well surpass desktop, which is why companies have to consider how they post.

Pages must be integrated to suit a mobile layout. Social networks are also working on launching call-to-actions that will lead mobile users to an online website where surfing and purchasing can be made right from your phone… made easy!

Paid and Personalized: Paid content is becoming the future, with investments bringing in a better reach for businesses on social media. The problem is, when you implement more paid content, people tend to complain more about the increase of ads on their social media accounts. This is why it is helpful to personalize your content to touch the audience that it is reaching so that it doesn’t just blend into their feed. Reaching the right users is the best way to accomplish success.

Back to Basics: Many big-name social media companies are finding that people are just fine with going back to basics. Customers tend to roll their eyes at an influx of tactics, tools, and formats that make it more difficult to use their social media. This means that many companies are returning to their former ways while strategizing to determine what is working and what isn’t – as many good businesses will do.

Live Streaming Options: Live streaming has taken over and we’ll continue to see its growth in 2018. We see technology improving, making it easier for us to focus on live streaming, which will help make better content and show off products in all-new ways, like a drive into the future of advertising!

Are you in need of social media options that will reach clients on an all-new level? Are you looking to integrate some of the best marketing tactics of 2018 into your business to stay with the times? We’re here for you and hope to get the best results out of your business. Call us at Performance First Marketing for more information, at 818-949-2618.





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