Every marketer needs to understand how to best prioritize their tasks so that they can run effective campaigns that yield the best results. It is easy to get bogged down in the minutia of all your daily tasks, but that isn’t going to help you achieve your goals. Some tasks are simply more important than others and putting weight on tasks can help tremendously. To optimize your workflow considers the following tips.

Determining Urgency

When you are overloaded with tasks it can be consuming. The best way to tackle this scenario is to understand that not every project is vital to the success of the day’s overall goals. It makes more sense to take some time and go through your inbox so you can organize it. That way, you can attack your workload most efficiently. When there is more order to the chaos, it is much easier to see the endgame. Organizing your workflow daily will define your schedule for the day and reduce downtime.

Look at tasks that are urgent and put them on top of your list. These are going to be time-sensitive work projects where getting things wrapped up quickly is vital. Maybe a quick fix here or there that has to be taken care of immediately. Important tasks are those that don’t need to have a rush on them, but they do require many resources to complete. They are bigger projects that, while they have a deadline, they need maximum effort to ensure the end product is what you’d want it to be.

There are many methods you can use including:

Team Responsibilities

In marketing, most projects are multi-step and each step is dependent on the one before. To complete a full project, every step must be executed well. This is why it is so important to ensure that every member on your team has a defined role. If each team member knows what they are responsible for, how long they have to work on their task, and the importance of their work to the rest of the project as a whole team motivation can increase. Not only does clear roles motivate team members to be confident and take ownership of what work is their,s but it also reduces confusion which can result in costly errors or wasted time. 


Specifications change, needs come up, priorities evolve, and as such confusion is the biggest enemy to the workflow. The best way to combat confusion and make sure everyone is on the same page is to establish the most convenient and accessible mediums for communications. Slack, Skype, email, Asana, etc. are all communication platforms that work quite well. Besides, expectations must be set for everyone to understand how to respond when there is a need to shift priorities. 

Back-up Plans

How Marketers Can Prioritize WorkflowNever underestimate things going awry in any situation. The nature of this business is that things will not always flow as you planned. To ensure hiccups don’t turn into explosions, backup plans are vital to the success of your priorities hitting their mark on-time.

It could be as simple as always pairing teammates with one another to pick up work for each other. Clearly defining who helps who and making sure each person is expected to always be abreast of each other’s projects so they can easily jump in can make a world of difference. Or, maybe adding in buffers to deadlines is necessary. Many scenarios can lead to utter chaos, but clear organization paired with management and alternative solutions always on hand will make workflow go smoother.

Partnering Effectively 

There are so many moving pieces within a business that sometimes finding a resourceful and talented partner is beneficial. At Performance First Marketing, we are a marketing agency that is always looking at new strategies to best streamline workflow. Every business can benefit from smart marketing and there is no better way than teaming up with the experienced professionals at Performance First Marketing. To learn more about how our Los Angeles marketing firm can help improve your marketing goals call us at (818) 949-2618 today.


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