You may be adding loads of new content to your website, and you might be completely confident that the content is fresh and fun and engaging. When content is not being properly shared, however, it might not be seen by the audience most likely to appreciate it or act on it.

Content management is typically divided into three possible channels: owned media, paid media, and earned media.

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Owned Media Content Distribution

law firm ppc adsOwned media refers to online properties that are owned by a company, including its website, blog, and social media accounts. Companies typically have the greatest control over their owned media. Essentially, owned media is an extension of a company’s brand.

Much of the content being shared through content distribution methods is owned media. The most common kinds of online content include blog posts, articles, newsletters, and how-to guides. Additional material may include podcasts, infographics, and white papers.

Paid Media Content Distribution

Paid media refers to avenues in which companies pay to have content shared. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one common form of paid media. Paid media will involve calculating a company’s cost per click (CPC), the actual price being paid for each click PPC campaigns. Companies have some measure of control over certain elements of these transactions but not complete control.

Paid media can be extremely beneficial because it typically is directly tied to sales. It is important to make sure that all aspects of paid media are carefully measured, as costs can quickly escalate and poorly managed campaigns lose profitability.

Earned Media Content Distribution

The avenue with the least control for companies is earned media. Generally, earned media commonly refers to so-called “viral” content that becomes popular because of multiple shares on social media platforms.

While earned media is usually advantageous for a business, the exposure can be short, lived. It is important to maximize return when the attention is most favorable. All companies should develop earned media strategies in order to maximize their engagement and, thus, possible sales or lead generation.

Find a Content Distribution Company

Deciding which content distribution method will work best for your company will depend on multiple factors. Most businesses will have to consider all three of the methods outlined above, although the time one company spends in one area can differ from another company’s depending on certain unique factors. Performance First can help identify all of the strongest avenues for distributing your company’s content.

If you need help figuring out a way to distribute your company’s online content, you will want to contact Performance First. We can help identify the best possible ways for you to reach your target audience.

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