What do all successful businesses, firms, and entrepreneurs of all kinds have in common?  That’s a broad question that has many right answers.  For now, let’s focus on one that’s specific to marketing: branding.

In order to gain clients or customers, one must be recognizable.  And without having a brand, it’s hard to distinguish your services from the swarm of competitors that exist.

Everyone knows the characteristics, colors, and keywords associated with all of the most influential brands today.  In fact, we are all so familiar with them that we take for granted the fact that we ever had to recognize them in the first place.

Can you remember, for example, the moment you first saw an image of a white apple with a bite taken out of it?

How about a white checkmark imposed upon a black background?

Or a red circle with a red dot inside of it, like a bulls-eye, against a white background?

What about a golden arch?

World-famous brands

Color psychologyFor those with minimal visual imaginative skills, the three brands just described are, respectively, Apple, Nike, Target, and McDonald’s.  And anytime you see any of their logos, you know in a split-second just what company it represents.  People in other countries who speak different languages do, too.

What you may be somewhat less aware of, however, includes the subtle psychological tactics utilized to convey valuable characteristics to the customer according to the services or goods the company provides.  One such mechanism is the careful selection of color.  Major brands do not select their symbols by accident.

Kashem Miah, Director of Global Social Media & Content Marketing at Shutterstock, states that choosing the correct color makes a substantial impact on the way customers both perceive and remember your brand.  With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the colors used by the two of the four companies just mentioned.  


White symbolizes transparency, order, and cleanliness.  The color white is both quiet and powerful.  Notice that almost everything Apple makes has white as its primary color – MacBook’s, iMacs, iPods, earbuds, connector cables…the list goes on.  While the company has diversified many of its product lines to include a few special colors, such as multi-colored iPods, iPhones, and MacBook’s, the first editions of everything have always been white or chrome.  Just visit an Apple store, where everything from the walls to the floors and ceilings radiates a white glow.  


Black signifies luxury, business, and class.  This color does well in conveying status and sophistication.  Luxurious clothes are often dominated by this hue.  There’s a reason that high-class social events are referred to as “black-tie”.  It’s more than just a strict dress code.  It’s a stringent requirement for distinction.

Black also denotes a sense of style, grace, and rhythm.  That might be why the most popular sporting brands all use black as their primary color of choice, including Nike.

In short, everything you do – online and elsewhere – ought to have a coherent and consistent theme.  Color psychology is an important part of the branding process.    






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