Delivering the most value to your business involves a strategic marketing campaign and the ability to stand out and gain your customer’s attention.  

1. Use the Customer in the Creation Process

Instead of working for the customer, incorporating them into the process using their thoughts and their ideas. An example of this would be Intuit who had their marketing team worked directly with their customers to understand the day-to-day functioning of small businesses and the difficulties they face. What they found is that tracking travel was a challenging process. Intuit’s response was to update their app to include tracking abilities that captured mileage automatically so tax time was went much more smoothly and easily.

2. Incorporate the Entire Customer Experience from Start to Finish

The whole customer experience is important from the point where you attract the customer, through the support you offer for your product, all the way to the ongoing contact and assistance for your customer that will build a solid relationship as time passes.

Kaiser Permanente used a digital program for new plan members. Informational features that provide guidance on registration, how to access and utilize emails for communications with your doctor, prescription refills, or even setting up and canceling appointments are among the many diverse offerings that this digital portal can accomplish. The results were that 60% of new members were registering and getting set up within 6 months time. It allowed Kaiser Permanente a safety net of retaining members that are 2.6 times more inclined to stay after two years from starting with the company.

3. Make Your Customers Promote You

Social media runs rampant today. Anyone and everyone is an expert and a critic. There are many channels that individuals use to make their voices heard including podcasts, YouTube, Twitter, and live streaming to the masses. This is causing the majority of individuals to take more of an interest and put more value in what is said by everyday individuals regarding a company or product over what they see from paid ads. If you engage every piece of your base from your employees to your customers to act as an integral piece of your marketing efforts, you can extend your credibility and brand awareness.

Adding Creativity to Your Marketing EffortsOld Navy has transitioned from a huge portion of their monies and efforts from TV towards digital content that reaches out to kids regarding positivity and giving back. The #MySquadContest, as it was labeled, used Twitter to attract kids to participate and become involved with the company. As a result, 32,000 youngsters shared their friend circles in the hopes of winning the challenge where they’d receive a day with their preferred influencer. This lead to an increase of 60% actively talking on social media about Old Navy as well as a commanding 600% increase in the likelihood that the company would be recommended as a priority place to patronize. Not only did the company increase its active social media presence through its young customers, but it also earned record-breaking donations for The Boys & Girls Club, a philanthropic partner of the company.

4. Bring Creativity to Measurement

Today, it is much faster and easier to measure your data and determine if your marketing efforts are successful. Understanding what works and what doesn’t immediately can help a company quickly redirect their efforts and focus on the areas and efforts that work. When your company can reduce time, effort, and money on those things that aren’t productive, they can maximize quickly and more efficiently on those things that are productive.

Rapid Changes and Marketing in Los Angeles, California

Technology, like marketing, like science, like consumer behavior, is always changing. The ability to develop think creatively regarding your marketing strategy may benefit from outside expertise and strong partnerships with an experienced marketing company in Los Angeles like Performance First Marketing. Give us a call at (818) 949-2678 and speak with one of our Los Angeles marketing experts to see how we can work together to better customize your marketing efforts. We offer a multitude of marketing consulting services in Los Angeles that can increase your brand awareness, presence, and reach.


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