People love their phones. More and more people are searching from their mobile phones versus a computer, making mobile optimization an increasingly important part of a strong marketing strategy. What is mobile optimization? Mobile optimization means making the necessary adjustments to your website so that people who access your site from their mobile phones have a user-friendly experience.

Mobile-first indexing is an SEO trend that is growing in 2019. This is Google’s newest attempt at making web searches easier for mobile users. Google is now using the mobile version of your website to determine the indexing and ranking of your site. It is crucial that your site is optimized for mobile searches in order to keep up with this trend.

This is where Performance First Marketing can assist you. Our team has the expertise necessary to transform your site into one that is optimized for mobile use. Allow us to guide you through this process. Here are some tips to help you get started in making this transition.

Start with Mobile

A good way to go about mobile optimization if you are just starting out building your site is to design your website for mobile-use first. From there you can make changes to create the desktop version. This allows you to avoid the complications that can arise if you try to do this in the opposite order.

Focus on Speed

Users like their websites to load quickly. A site that loads fast will improve your ranking. Shoot for a loading time that is no longer than three seconds. One thing to keep in mind is that images that are too large can slow down your loading time. Ensure that your images are optimized to the correct size for mobile devices.

 5 Tips for Mobile Optimization

Beware of Print Size and Font

Easy to read print is another important determinant of your site’s ranking. Make sure that your text is large enough that your audience can read it on a mobile device without needing to zoom in. It is also important that you pick a font that is legible to your readers.

Keep it Simple

Mobile users want to find the information they are looking for in a quick and efficient manner. They don’t want to search through complicated text to find the answers they need. Keep your content simple and straightforward in order to keep your users engaged. This is where the editing part of creating content comes in. Focus on getting rid of all unnecessary text and repeated ideas.

Above the Fold

You need to give your audience a reason to keep scrolling on your page. Text that is above the fold is what shows up when the user first loads the page. This is a way of capturing your audience’s attention and getting them to keep reading.

California Marketing Solutions

Like all growing trends, mobile optimization is something that your firm needs to remain aware of. Making your website is mobile-friendly will ensure that you are keeping up with your competition. Performance First Marketing can help you in making the adjustments necessary to optimize your site for mobile use. Call us at (818) 949-2618 or contact us online for more details about our digital marketing services.

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