Because digital marketing is one of the only ways for businesses to get their voices heard online, it is necessary for many individuals and entities. However, if you ask anybody, they all have different ideas about digital marketing and how it really works. Some people will share their horror stories, while some will claim that digital marketing completely changed the way that others see their businesses. Today we want to take a look at some of the digital marketing myths that you might have heard that originally turned you away from choosing marketing for your business.

Myths of Digital Marketing

SEO is no longer relevant.

Many people might tell you that they believe that SEO doesn’t play an important role in digital marketing anymore. However, search engines are how we access all information at our fingertips, whether we are on our laptops at work or our phones while we are relaxing at home. And as long as search engines will be popular and give us the information we need the most, SEO will continue to be a relevant part of our marketing experience. Of course, heavily relying on SEO alone is never a good idea, either.


No one needs social media strategies anymore.

This is false. Every business that is interested in knowing more about marketing should include social media marketing 5 Common Myths About Digital Marketingstrategies in their marketing. You can pick and choose where you want to place certain things. For instance, if you believe that one product of yours would be marketed better on Instagram because its profits come from how it looks to others, you could choose to place it only on there. Perhaps you talk about your experiences in your business journey on Facebook because you’re able to make long, informative posts. You can pick and choose based on a variety of factors.


You only need a website to get started on your marketing journey.

Having only a website when you get started is not a good idea and will not be enough. Perhaps your website is outdated or doesn’t contain exactly what it needs to portray your product, which means that you need to work on the appearance of your business from the ground up.


There is a set, perfect way to utilize digital marketing.

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s all about being heard. When you set up a campaign so that people will see what you have to offer, you want to accomplish many things at once. Perhaps you want to open conversations about a new product and show it off in a way that gets people asking questions. However, you might not have other details concerning your product ironed out right off the bat – which means that you will have to invest some time in perfecting your strategy.


You should expect results from the very start.

It is true that some business pages will blow up overnight, but as many times as we see this, there are ten other people who are still trying to have their voices heard. There is competition out there and many people who are willing to invest to get particular results. Before you expect huge results, you should at least wait several weeks and even months. You might get clicks and conversions right off the bat, but this doesn’t mean that everything will lead to a purchase. You will find several small leads before big ones and this is okay, as well as expected. It all takes time.


California Digital Marketing Professionals

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