Website Development Features for Your Law Firm

List or Grid View? Why Your Blog Layout Matters

Whether you’re a small, two-person firm or a large firm with multiple locations and hundreds of attorneys and associates, it should be obvious by now that you need a website. Websites are the primary method potential clients and recruits find and obtain information about your firm. It is also the primary means In the 21st century, not having a digital presence is akin to not having a sign outside your store. But it is not enough to have just a website. You need a website that is functional, interactive, and connects with your visitors, so you can turn them into potential clients or attorneys. On top of this, your website must be optimized so it can be accessed by people using a smartphone or tablet. Here are a few development features your firm needs to have. Responsive Web Design According to a recent study, nearly three-quarters of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025. […]

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Why Law Firms Should Use Social Media “Stories”

Why Law Firms Should Use Social Media "Stories"

In 2014, Snapchat introduced its “Stories” feature, which allows users to cobble together a montage of photos and videos to share with followers. In 2016, Instagram launched a similar feature, with Facebook creating its own “Stories” application in 2018. While Snapchat’s share of the market has stagnated, the popularity of Instagram’s Stories tool has skyrocketed. In 2018, Instagram reported that Stories was used by 400 million people each day, over twice as many people that use Snapchat. On top of this, Facebook has predicted that more people will use Stories than News Feeds in 2019. The driving force behind the success of the “Stories” feature is rooted in the power of storytelling. Showing photos and videos in succession help contextualize what followers see. A video of yourself arriving at the airport can be followed by a photo of you relaxing at your hotel pool, followed by more video of your adventures. By enabling users to tell a story, it allows […]

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Top Digital Marketing Trends for Law Firms

Digital transformation is changing every industry, especially the legal field. According to recent research, 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine, while 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action. While this is undoubtedly a sign of progress, it also can be a double-edged sword. As more and more law firms have increased their digital presence, the market for new clients and talent becomes more competitive. So, in order to win the fight for new clients and recruits, it’s important to understand the latest trends to market your law firm in 2019. These trends include: Investing in SEO As previously noted, the vast majority of people looking for legal advice are using search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to do it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of ensuring your content, such as a blog or a website, appears higher in search engines when people search for your services. Having your firm appear first […]

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How Organic Content Can Overcome the “Fake” Internet

How Organic Content Can Overcome the “Fake” Internet

Much has been made about how the internet is largely “fake.” Recent lawsuits and criminal prosecutions have shown that much of what counts as “engagement” is being fabricated. Hackers using malware to fleece advertisers with fake websites and fake human consumers. Social media platforms overstating how long users watched videos or the number of referral clicks to external websites. These revelations can shake marketers confidence that the content they create is actually being viewed by the right people, if it’s being viewed at all. So what can we do about this? The answer is actually simpler than people realize. In order to stop being the victims of faulty metrics and fake traffic, we need to take back control of our content. What is Organic Content? When told the word “organic” the first thing many people think of is the food sector. While the term originated in the food industry, the push toward healthy, responsibly-sourced products has relevance in marketing as […]

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How to Make Awesome Video Content for any Industry

How to Make Awesome Video Content for an Industry

In case you haven’t heard, content is king. But for many marketers, making great content consistently can be difficult. Some industries aren’t built for producing engaging content. After all, it’s tough to get excited about the latest trends in conveyor belt manufacturing or medical supply management software. That’s where rich, thoughtful video content comes in. More video content is being watched now than ever before, with 85% of internet users watching online video content monthly. In addition, more than half of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they support. This means that, regardless of how “boring” your industry is, you have an opportunity to create exciting, fascinating pieces of content that your audience will want to see. Let’s explore some of the ways you can create awesome video content that will achieve your marketing goals, no matter what industry you are in. Think like a storyteller Since ancient humans first painted shapes of animals on caves, […]

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The Power of Landing Page Visuals

The Power of Landing Page Visuals

Landing pages are the heart and soul of a firm’s online marketing efforts. They are the first thing people see when they click on an online advertisement; it’s the first taste they get of your brand, your essence so to speak. Most importantly, they can help convert visitors into clients. Using the right visuals in your landing page can be the difference between making or losing a customer. Compelling visuals emphasize your value offer in a way even the best-written text simply can’t. They take advantage of the quirks of human psychology to convince people to act without them even knowing it. In short, visuals can be a powerful tool for building effective landing pages. Here’s how. Visuals can make or break your brand It might be a tired cliche, but a picture really is worth a thousand words. Visuals have the power to cement your brand and its message in the mind of the viewer. They capture in a few […]

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Five Tips to Help You Become Your Best Professional Self

Five Tips to Help You Become Your Best Professional Self

Despite how it might look sometimes, no one is born successful. No bridge was built, cure discovered, or technology invented by someone sitting around waiting to do it. Anyone who has achieved anything did so through a combination of luck, intelligence, and good old-fashioned hard work. So what can you do to perform better in your professional life? Here are five strategies to help you reach peak performance. Create goal clarity One of the most oft-cited ways to improve job performance is through goal-setting. Critical to goal-setting is the concept of “goal-clarity,” or setting for yourself a clear and specific objective. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you can better determine the right course of action to achieve it. When your end result is not clear, the steps to accomplish it become confusing. The more specific the goal, the easier it becomes to accomplish. Create a vision of your end goal, complete with every detail. Once done, if […]

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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Designing Your Website

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Designing Your Website

There are many small errors which you can make while designing your website that will turn users away. It is important that you are aware of common mistakes to watch out for, so that you can create the best web design. One of the best ways to create an effective web design is to hire a professional digital marketing company. This is where Performance First Marketing can assist you. Our team of marketing specialists has the expertise necessary to design a website that will draw in your desired audience and help you meet your firm’s goals. Allow us to guide you through your web designing process. We can ensure that you do not make critical errors when designing your site. Below are some common web design mistakes to avoid making: Your site is not optimized for mobile Mobile optimization is an increasingly prevalent aspect of digital marketing, as more and more people are conducting searches from mobile devices. Making your […]

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7 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

7 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

We live in a digital world. A vast majority of people who are in need of lawyers are searching for them through search engines such as Google. Having a solid online presence for your law firm is important in order to remain competitive. This entails having an informative and user-friendly website, engaging advertisements, and high-quality content. All of these factors work together to draw clients’ attention and create interest in your firm. 1. Utilize SEO SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a way of getting your site to rank higher in search engine result pages. Making use of keywords is one of the most essential aspects of SEO. Keywords are the words and phrases that users type into their search engines. Having an understanding of what your target audience is searching for allows you to strategically place relevant keywords into your copy, increasing the likelihood that your content gets seen. Including links back to your own site, as […]

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