SEO Trends Of 2019

AdHawk -What Is It and How Does It Work

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of maximizing a website’s traffic by placing it high on the list of results on a search engine’s page. Search engines use specific algorithms that factor in hundreds of determinants to decide what websites will appear higher or lower than others. Oftentimes, a certain determinant will hold more significance than another. Search engines do not make public what factors are used by their algorithms, but many websites have factors in common. Some important ones include:   Backlinks – Links that direct traffic back to your website from another site    Internal Links – A hyperlink to another page or resource on the same website    Bounce Rate – Percentage of visitors to a site that click into the website, but then leave before viewing other pages on that site    Quality Content – Useful and valuable content   Length of Content – How much content the webpage contains; often, sites with longer […]

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How To Master Mobile Marketing

How To Master Mobile Marketing

How To Master Mobile Marketing  As society shifts to a more mobile-centered world, the rise of mobile marketing continues. Studies show that in the last ten years, the use of desktop computers has decreased. As the use of mobile phones increases, the value of mobile marketing continues to grow. The mobility of cell phones and their ease of interactivity allow them to be a vital asset to companies looking to expand their marketing outlets. With the age of mobile marketing progressing, there is a need for companies to keep evolving their business plans and tactics. The following is a guide to mastering the art of mobile marketing.    Making Your Website Mobile Friendly It is important that your full website is also available in a mobile-compatible format. Oftentimes, consumers run into issues when trying to browse a website on their mobile phones when the site is formatted incorrectly. Website design is an essential tool for businesses, especially when combined with […]

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A Comprehensive Guide To Amazon Advertising

How to Convert With Psychology: 4 Design Levers to Pull

A Comprehensive Guide To Amazon Advertising Countless people are familiar with the company Amazon. From Halloween costumes to engagement rings, the website sells almost every item one could imagine and, oftentimes, for a lesser price than at a commercial store. One of the large reasons that Amazon continues to be successful and create so much revenue is through their advertising. In past years, you may have noticed the increased amount of ads that show up on the Facebook homepage when scrolling through the news feed. These ads bring in important revenue for the website. In the same manner, Amazon implements advertising through product search suggestions, banner ads, and suggested products. The sites online traffic continues to grow as more people are buying products online.  Why Advertise With Amazon Buying products online is becoming the new norm in society today. Online shopping allows consumers to skip out on traffic and avoid waiting in lines, making leaving the house no longer necessary. […]

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The Benefits of Interactive Content

The Benefits of Interactive Content

Not too long ago, legal websites were, in a word, static. In the good old days of AOL, you were lucky to have a functioning webpage with some text and simple graphics. Today, 96% of consumers use the internet for legal advice. This means modern websites are a critical part of the customer experience, with blogs, webpages, and videos being standard features of virtually any brand’s digital presence.  The Rise of Interactive Content This digital revolution in the legal industry comes with a catch. Because the more firms try to utilize “traditional” types of content, the more saturated the market becomes. This makes it increasingly difficult for firms to get their content in front of potential clients and recruits. So what can firms do to differentiate themselves from their competitors while offering customers the information they need to make an informed decision? One way firms can get ahead of the pack is to use interactive content. Interactive content includes anything […]

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Website Development Features for Your Law Firm

List or Grid View? Why Your Blog Layout Matters

Whether you’re a small, two-person firm or a large firm with multiple locations and hundreds of attorneys and associates, it should be obvious by now that you need a website. Websites are the primary method potential clients and recruits find and obtain information about your firm. It is also the primary means In the 21st century, not having a digital presence is akin to not having a sign outside your store. But it is not enough to have just a website. You need a website that is functional, interactive, and connects with your visitors, so you can turn them into potential clients or attorneys. On top of this, your website must be optimized so it can be accessed by people using a smartphone or tablet. Here are a few development features your firm needs to have. Responsive Web Design According to a recent study, nearly three-quarters of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025. […]

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Why Law Firms Should Use Social Media “Stories”

Why Law Firms Should Use Social Media "Stories"

In 2014, Snapchat introduced its “Stories” feature, which allows users to cobble together a montage of photos and videos to share with followers. In 2016, Instagram launched a similar feature, with Facebook creating its own “Stories” application in 2018. While Snapchat’s share of the market has stagnated, the popularity of Instagram’s Stories tool has skyrocketed. In 2018, Instagram reported that Stories was used by 400 million people each day, over twice as many people that use Snapchat. On top of this, Facebook has predicted that more people will use Stories than News Feeds in 2019. The driving force behind the success of the “Stories” feature is rooted in the power of storytelling. Showing photos and videos in succession help contextualize what followers see. A video of yourself arriving at the airport can be followed by a photo of you relaxing at your hotel pool, followed by more video of your adventures. By enabling users to tell a story, it allows […]

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Top Digital Marketing Trends for Law Firms

Digital transformation is changing every industry, especially the legal field. According to recent research, 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine, while 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action. While this is undoubtedly a sign of progress, it also can be a double-edged sword. As more and more law firms have increased their digital presence, the market for new clients and talent becomes more competitive. So, in order to win the fight for new clients and recruits, it’s important to understand the latest trends to market your law firm in 2019. These trends include: Investing in SEO As previously noted, the vast majority of people looking for legal advice are using search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to do it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of ensuring your content, such as a blog or a website, appears higher in search engines when people search for your services. Having your firm appear first […]

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How Organic Content Can Overcome the “Fake” Internet

How Organic Content Can Overcome the “Fake” Internet

Much has been made about how the internet is largely “fake.” Recent lawsuits and criminal prosecutions have shown that much of what counts as “engagement” is being fabricated. Hackers using malware to fleece advertisers with fake websites and fake human consumers. Social media platforms overstating how long users watched videos or the number of referral clicks to external websites. These revelations can shake marketers confidence that the content they create is actually being viewed by the right people, if it’s being viewed at all. So what can we do about this? The answer is actually simpler than people realize. In order to stop being the victims of faulty metrics and fake traffic, we need to take back control of our content. What is Organic Content? When told the word “organic” the first thing many people think of is the food sector. While the term originated in the food industry, the push toward healthy, responsibly-sourced products has relevance in marketing as […]

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How to Make Awesome Video Content for any Industry

How to Make Awesome Video Content for an Industry

In case you haven’t heard, content is king. But for many marketers, making great content consistently can be difficult. Some industries aren’t built for producing engaging content. After all, it’s tough to get excited about the latest trends in conveyor belt manufacturing or medical supply management software. That’s where rich, thoughtful video content comes in. More video content is being watched now than ever before, with 85% of internet users watching online video content monthly. In addition, more than half of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they support. This means that, regardless of how “boring” your industry is, you have an opportunity to create exciting, fascinating pieces of content that your audience will want to see. Let’s explore some of the ways you can create awesome video content that will achieve your marketing goals, no matter what industry you are in. Think like a storyteller Since ancient humans first painted shapes of animals on caves, […]

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