The Benefits of Using a Digital Agency for Your Marketing Efforts

The Benefits of Using a Digital Agency for Your Marketing Efforts Every entrepreneur and business owner knows how important it is to have a strong and enticing marketing strategy for their company. Proper marketing can increase online and offline traffic, as well as increase sales and company growth. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find your company’s voice and brand in the market today. With the steady incline of digital marketing, there is a need for businesses to increase their online presence and a digital agency can help with that.  Performance First Marketing was started by a group of attorneys looking to offer comprehensive web development strategies for law firms across the country. We provide a number of different marketing tools and strategies to help firms broaden their reach and generate leads. Contact our agency today to learn more about how digital marketing can work for you.    What is a Digital Agency? In basic terms, a digital agency is […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Writing Meta Descriptions

7 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Everything You Need To Know About Writing Meta Descriptions The phrase “meta description” can cause panic and confusion but not to worry, it’s actually much simpler than you think. A meta description is the small bit of text that appears below the blue link in a search engine result. It acts as a summary of the content that is presented on the webpage linked above.  Meta descriptions are not an official ranking factor in Google search results, but they can be edited to promote traffic to the webpage. The more content that your business creates and the further you look into inbound marketing, the more you will see that meta descriptions can heavily influence traffic to and recognition of your webpage.  At Performance First Marketing we provide law firms with valuable marketing services, including content creation, reputation management, organic web rankings, social media management, and many more. If your business is looking to expand and broaden its online reach, contact […]

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How To Survive A Social Media Midlife Crisis

Twitter Tips For Law Firms

How To Survive A Social Media Midlife Crisis The rise of the digital age has begun to change how businesses market their products. Billboards and newspaper advertisements give way to tweets and Youtube videos. To survive the shift to the digital world, companies are being forced to tailor their business strategies to better reach their customers, and that means utilizing social media.  Social media is no longer seen as simply a platform for sharing and connecting with friends, now businesses have realized it is a crucial marketing tool. It is an opportunity to connect with potential clients and other professionals in your industry.  Unfortunately, social media is currently in crisis. Although Facebook is only 14 years old, and Twitter even younger at 12, millennials are already starting to grow tired of the same things. A statistic like this can be scary for companies that are invested in the social media game, but it is not the end of the world. […]

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How Interactive Content Can Enhance Your Website

What Happens in Your Brain When You Hear a Good Story and How to Use That to Your Advantage

How Interactive Content Can Enhance Your Website Having a strong content marketing strategy is essential for businesses that want to continue to grow and thrive. More so, creating high-quality content helps potential clients to understand your business and it’s brand.  The internet has now become the most common platform used by both businesses and consumers as the age of digital marketing continues to prosper. Information can be processed at minimal costs and shared with clients in real time.  When it comes to marketing the most important goal is to stay connected to the consumer. Understanding the wants and needs of a client is crucial when growing a company and promoting your brand. Utilizing interactive content can be an ideal tool when it comes to creating a connection between a consumer and a business.  Interactive content is a new and evolving element of content marketing. This form of marketing allows for engagement and interaction between consumer and content.  Our Los Angeles […]

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Law Firm Marketing Strategies To Beat The Competition

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Designing Your Website

Law Firm Marketing Strategies To Beat The Competition Developing a strong marketing strategy is crucial for every business. Without a developed strategy, a company won’t attract new customers and grow.  Law firms used to rely heavily on word of mouth, walk-ins, and even billboards. Yet, as the digital marketing world continues to grow, these tactics have started to become outdated and obsolete.  A majority of marketing is now being done online, with eye-catching and creative websites, social media advertisements, and even SEO strategies. Many consumers are going straight to the online options since they are more convenient and accessible almost anywhere, at any time.  Performance First was created by a group of attorneys in an effort to bring web development and marketing solutions to the legal sector. Our aim is to help firms broaden their reach and develop comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns.  If your law firm is looking to revamp your marketing strategies, contact our Los Angeles law firm […]

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Setting And Achieving Marketing Objectives For 2019

What is the Difference Between SEM and SEO

Setting And Achieving Marketing Objectives For 2019 Setting realistic marketing objectives and goals can be as hard as running a company. There is the pressure to always be changing, moving forward and growing. At the same time, there is a stress to keep your company alive and avoid risks that could bankrupt the company. Business can become laser-focused on bettering the company and lose sight of the customers.  Yet, it is imperative that companies stay up to date on content marketing trends. The way to do this is to set achievable marketing objectives that balance the idea of growing results as a company while still creating a good or service that your customers love.  Recent studies have begun to debunk the old theory that solely focusing on results would, in turn, produce results. Now, many businesses are starting to realize that serving your customers produces the best results.  Realistic marketing objectives are ones that are crafted around the consumer and […]

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SEO Trends Of 2019

AdHawk -What Is It and How Does It Work

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of maximizing a website’s traffic by placing it high on the list of results on a search engine’s page. Search engines use specific algorithms that factor in hundreds of determinants to decide what websites will appear higher or lower than others. Oftentimes, a certain determinant will hold more significance than another. Search engines do not make public what factors are used by their algorithms, but many websites have factors in common. Some important ones include:   Backlinks – Links that direct traffic back to your website from another site    Internal Links – A hyperlink to another page or resource on the same website    Bounce Rate – Percentage of visitors to a site that click into the website, but then leave before viewing other pages on that site    Quality Content – Useful and valuable content   Length of Content – How much content the webpage contains; often, sites with longer […]

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How To Master Mobile Marketing

How To Master Mobile Marketing

How To Master Mobile Marketing  As society shifts to a more mobile-centered world, the rise of mobile marketing continues. Studies show that in the last ten years, the use of desktop computers has decreased. As the use of mobile phones increases, the value of mobile marketing continues to grow. The mobility of cell phones and their ease of interactivity allow them to be a vital asset to companies looking to expand their marketing outlets. With the age of mobile marketing progressing, there is a need for companies to keep evolving their business plans and tactics. The following is a guide to mastering the art of mobile marketing.    Making Your Website Mobile Friendly It is important that your full website is also available in a mobile-compatible format. Oftentimes, consumers run into issues when trying to browse a website on their mobile phones when the site is formatted incorrectly. Website design is an essential tool for businesses, especially when combined with […]

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A Comprehensive Guide To Amazon Advertising

How to Convert With Psychology: 4 Design Levers to Pull

A Comprehensive Guide To Amazon Advertising Countless people are familiar with the company Amazon. From Halloween costumes to engagement rings, the website sells almost every item one could imagine and, oftentimes, for a lesser price than at a commercial store. One of the large reasons that Amazon continues to be successful and create so much revenue is through their advertising. In past years, you may have noticed the increased amount of ads that show up on the Facebook homepage when scrolling through the news feed. These ads bring in important revenue for the website. In the same manner, Amazon implements advertising through product search suggestions, banner ads, and suggested products. The sites online traffic continues to grow as more people are buying products online.  Why Advertise With Amazon Buying products online is becoming the new norm in society today. Online shopping allows consumers to skip out on traffic and avoid waiting in lines, making leaving the house no longer necessary. […]

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The Benefits of Interactive Content

The Benefits of Interactive Content

Not too long ago, legal websites were, in a word, static. In the good old days of AOL, you were lucky to have a functioning webpage with some text and simple graphics. Today, 96% of consumers use the internet for legal advice. This means modern websites are a critical part of the customer experience, with blogs, webpages, and videos being standard features of virtually any brand’s digital presence.  The Rise of Interactive Content This digital revolution in the legal industry comes with a catch. Because the more firms try to utilize “traditional” types of content, the more saturated the market becomes. This makes it increasingly difficult for firms to get their content in front of potential clients and recruits. So what can firms do to differentiate themselves from their competitors while offering customers the information they need to make an informed decision? One way firms can get ahead of the pack is to use interactive content. Interactive content includes anything […]

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