Importance of SEO Keywords

Importance of SEO Keywords

One of the most important aspects of creating effective online content is making sure that your desired audience is able to find it. Choosing the right SEO keywords is essential in making your articles easy to find online. Without the proper keywords, it is difficult for your article to get views. When you’re looking to expand your audience, our experienced SEO professionals at Performance First Marketing can help.  Determining how to find the best keywords can prove challenging. This is where Performance First Marketing can come help. Our Search engine optimization experts know how to draw your target audience to your content. Our team can look at your content and determine what keywords would have the biggest impact with the least amount of effort. Having a clear definition of your site’s purpose is essential in order to accomplish this to ensure we highlight both the general theme of your site and the specific topic of each article. Contact us today to see how […]

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5 Common Myths About Digital Marketing

5 Common Myths About Digital Marketing

Because digital marketing is one of the only ways for businesses to get their voices heard online, it is necessary for many individuals and entities. However, if you ask anybody, they all have different ideas about digital marketing and how it really works. Some people will share their horror stories, while some will claim that digital marketing completely changed the way that others see their businesses. Today we want to take a look at some of the digital marketing myths that you might have heard that originally turned you away from choosing marketing for your business. Myths of Digital Marketing SEO is no longer relevant. Many people might tell you that they believe that SEO doesn’t play an important role in digital marketing anymore. However, search engines are how we access all information at our fingertips, whether we are on our laptops at work or our phones while we are relaxing at home. And as long as search engines will […]

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Pay Per Click Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Pay Per Click Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Many business owners want to try something known as pay per click marketing but might have heard misconceptions about it that completely set them off. You might have heard that pay per click marketing is extremely expensive and so it has immediately turned you away from giving it a try. This is why it is important to be informed because there are some things you need to know about the process that might change your general perception. Things You Should Know About Pay Per Click PPC and SEO are not the same thing. SEO is a lot different from pay per click. It is a system that is meant to get your website to rank on search engines with promised results of getting your business on the first page. Pay per click (also known as PPC), is a way to launch a campaign based on what you pay in to have your ads placed on search engines. It is fast […]

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Mistakes That Businesses Tend to Make on Social Media Networks

5 Common Myths About Digital Marketing

Social media can be confusing for the business owner, but it is also one of the most successful options that you can have when you invite marketing into your business plans. Many businesses getting started on marketing campaigns will use social media as a way to draw in their audience but, if you make one simple mistake, it can lead to huge problems. This is why you want to be prepared for anything and look over some of the common mistakes that businesses tend to make when it comes to their social media. Mistakes Made Concerning Social Media Failure to Commit: There is nothing better than first opening your new Facebook page. The feeling of finally having your business on social media can be the best feeling ever, but too many people will receive this new page but fail to commit to it. This means that you might forget to update your page. Social media very quickly becomes one of […]

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Why Short Form Content Is Still Relevant in SEO

Why Short Form Content Is Still Relevant in SEO

Content is king. The simple truth of SEO is that if you want to rank high in search engine result pages, then your website needs to have content-rich pieces to not only solidify your expertise in your particular industry but also to garner the trust and loyalty of your web patrons. As with all things SEO related, the industry is having a paradigm shift, this time in the areas of content writing. Trends are emerging and many companies are shifting the way they write their content. Spurred on by studies indicating long-form content correlates higher with better engagement, rankings and more shares versus the old golden standard, short-form content, websites are beginning to shift away from the 500+ word blogs to ones averaging more than 2000 words. But longer posts don’t always mean better content. There’s still room on the internet for the short, sweet and powerful 500+ word blogs. Here’s why. Power of Short Form Content It should come […]

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The Power of Long Form Content in SEO

A Quick and Easy Guide to Fixing 504 Timeout Errors

We’ve previously discussed the importance of a content-rich as more content means more places and areas to put a greater number of keywords, effectively increasing searchability and SEO power.  But not all content is created equal and long-form content or pieces typically around 2,000 words, are beginning to have a more substantial impact. More and more websites are increasing the length of their content pieces beyond the standard, industry gold, 500-1,000 word posts. The benefits reported by a number of different studies and authoritative websites may prove to be a new industry standard. Why is Long Form Content Better? The great thing about long-form content is the myriad of benefits it provides with very few downsides: websites will be able to put and receive more links, organic traffic will climb, your brand authority goes up, you improve your sustainable content, and achieve better credibility. More Links and Organic Traffic With more content, you’re more likely to receive outbound links from […]

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How Website Blogs Help Your SEO

How Website Blogs Help Your SEO

In the 21st century, digital marketing is one of the most powerful ways to jumpstart your business’ online and marketing presence. There are many different ways for companies to market in the digital realm: PPC or email campaigns, exchanging backlinks, efficiently coded websites, and many others. But the most important aspect of your online presence, the one thing that will help people find your site organically or keep them coming back time and again, is a foundational concept. This one magical piece of the puzzle is content. Relevant, optimized content with well-chosen keywords is the primary driving force channeling traffic to your website and keeping it there. The best way to inject fresh, up-to-date content on your site is in the form of blogs. With more than 57 million American adults (39% of internet users) reading blogs, it should come as no surprise why they’re so useful. But, how can blogging be so powerful as to alter your ranking in […]

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How to Identify a Website’s Internet Authority and How That Benefits You

What Happens in Your Brain When You Hear a Good Story and How to Use That to Your Advantage

Have you ever wondered why certain websites always seem to pop up when you search for specific things? When you search for a new home decor item, sites specific to those items like Target, Walmart and Amazon rank near or at the top. But what about the rest of the sites, the ones ranking lower that go on for pages and pages? Why are they there? The answer is that these sites have a higher authority or presence on the internet. This authority usually stems from criteria such as how much internet traffic they receive, relevance concerning your search word or phrase and the content on their site, how many other sites link to it and how influential those sites are. So how can you identify which sites have this commanding presence and how does that help you? What is Internet Authority Internet authority is a metric used to rank a site’s relative power in relation to other sites. A […]

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The Basics of Homepage SEO

Yoast SEO

Your homepage is the most important part of your website. It is the heart of who you are as a company, allows website crawlers to understand you and your relevance to searches, and stands as the front gate for all those internet travelers venturing your way. A well-designed homepage is critical to a well-ranked website in the same way that a poorly designed homepage is death to a site. Any business owner is thinking of developing a website or going back and re-working their current one should take time to fully understand just how vital a good homepage can be to the success of their online presence. People continue to spend more and more time online, and to capitalize on this seemingly never-ending growth market, business owners need every edge they can get out of their websites. What to Consider When Optimizing My Homepage There are several items to consider when optimizing your homepage. However, if you get the basics […]

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The Power of Nofollow Links

In the world of digital marketing, a link to your website can be a goldmine of potential customers. But what about “no-follow links”? What is a Nofollow Link? A no-follow link is an HTML attribute value telling search engine crawl bots that this hyperlink should not influence the link’s source’s ranking in the search engine’s index. In effect, you aren’t receiving an authoritative boost to your own site’s web presence or giving a boost to another site’s authority from a link with this attribute. Why No-Follow Links are More Useful Than You Think A traditional link can be an excellent source of authority and potentially lead you to new business. For example, imagine you’re a personal injury law firm in Delaware, and an online news publication links to your law firm in a news story. The traffic and exposure from this are significant, and because they’re a news company, they are an authoritative site giving more validation and a better […]

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