The Importance of Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Online Marketing

The process of making your website user-friendly on portable devices, such as tablets or smartphones is called mobile optimization, and this new practice is absolutely vital to your business’s online presence. According to a study conducted by Google in December of last year, 79% of users who are dissatisfied with their mobile website experience are less likely to do business with that same website again. Design Is Key More specifically, mobile optimization is a process that involves multiple aspects of a website, such as a website design and loading speeds. Most recently, companies have had to adapt their SEO (search engine optimization) strategies for both desktop and mobile platforms, as search engines across the web have been altering their algorithms for ranking content in terms of mobile searches. In order for your website to have the best visibility on the web, regardless of the device used, your small business should employ a responsive web design (RWD). These websites are designed […]

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How Can I Make My Business Stand Out on Social Media?

5 Common Myths About Digital Marketing

Mostly everything starts with social media when it comes to your business. You work for months to years building up everything you have on social media, where you know it will reach the customers you care for the most, who have shown you endless compassion when it comes to your business. So how do you make your business stand out on social media and set it apart from the rest? How do you really engage your audience in this way? Making Your Business Stand Out Ask Your Audience What They Want: You want to do everything possible to learn as much as you can about your audience and connect with them on a personal level. Not only does this make them feel as if they are a part of your growing business, but it also helps you learn more about them so that you know what they want! Building meaningful relationships helps your business strive. This could be as simple […]

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Three tips to improve your website for mobile viewers

mobile website development

Every website should take into consideration the following three aspects of programming their website for mobile devices. Code your website for mobile first A business tends to want to get its website up and running as soon as possible.  As a result, those creating the website may fail to code it for optimal mobile device viewing before making it live.  The typical plan is to wait until after the site has been designed for desktops to design it for mobile. The reasoning behind such a decision is that it seems to make sense to launch a website right away and begin capturing sales or clients as soon as possible. However, this rationale may be flawed.  Consider this – when mobile users visit your site just after it goes live, they may not like it or find it difficult to navigate.  Being disappointed or lost, they never return, and never become a conversion for your business. In other words, not coding […]

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Four ways to optimize your site for voice search

voice search

The popularity of voice search technology has sky-rocketed in recent years.  People are going above and beyond the keyboard or touchscreen. More and more people now ask their digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Home, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Amazon’s Alexa when they want to know about the weather, where to find the best deals on clothes, or anything else their hearts desire.   Even now, over 50 percent of teens and over 40 percent of adults use voice search daily, according to one study conducted by Northstar Research on behalf of Google.  Other statistics reveal similar insights. By 2019, it’s estimated that Americans will own at least 67 million voice-assisted devices not including smartphones. Even though voice won’t entirely replace text, it’s obvious a major transformation is on the horizon.  Why is 2018 an important year for voice search, and how does a website use this technology to its advantage? 1) Utilize full phrases Voice search is changing SEO. […]

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Setting Goals for Social Media That You Can Actually Accomplish

Social Media Management

Have you made a New Year’s resolution for your business? Perhaps you promised to embrace social media this year so that you can build your business and engage your audience on a new level. It is expected that many businesses will be embracing social media in the year to come. In fact, the spending on marketing is expected to more than double from just over $7 billion in 2014 to an astounding $17.34 billion in 2019! Setting your goals in regards to social media marketing is one of the best ways to follow through with your plans and stay on-track when it comes to your business’ success. Following the “S.M.A.R.T.” Plan When setting goals, you can follow a plan known as “S.M.A.R.T.” to stay on track and simplify the guidelines for meeting goals within social media. This is an acronym for the following: Specific: Ensuring that your goals are clear and defined, as well as easy to follow Measurable: Your […]

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Color Psychology

Mistakes That Businesses Tend to Make on Social Media Networks

What do all successful businesses, firms, and entrepreneurs of all kinds have in common?  That’s a broad question that has many right answers.  For now, let’s focus on one that’s specific to marketing: branding. In order to gain clients or customers, one must be recognizable.  And without having a brand, it’s hard to distinguish your services from the swarm of competitors that exist. Everyone knows the characteristics, colors, and keywords associated with all of the most influential brands today.  In fact, we are all so familiar with them that we take for granted the fact that we ever had to recognize them in the first place. Can you remember, for example, the moment you first saw an image of a white apple with a bite taken out of it? How about a white checkmark imposed upon a black background? Or a red circle with a red dot inside of it, like a bulls-eye, against a white background? What about a […]

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Are There Differences Between Marketing, Advertising, and Sales?

Online Marketing

So you’re just now becoming interested in marketing your business so that you can gain new opportunities. You want to relate to the perfect audience and build your business from the ground up so that you can start selling and working your way toward success. But you still don’t know that marketing and advertising… they are two totally different things. And sales are another aspect altogether. You thought they all went hand in hand, and you aren’t sure what all these different concepts mean, or what a marketing plan is and how it will help you. Today we will look at all these aspects and what it means when it comes to building a better business. Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Marketing: Marketing consists of 4 P’s: product, price, place, and promotion. The product is the exact product you’re selling, and the price is the intended price that you use for your product. Place refers to where your client is located […]

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Every Business Could Benefit From Engaging With Their Audience

Social Media Management

Many social media networks are extremely active right now, from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to Pinterest and Google Plus. If you own a small business, you probably already know that one of the best ways to improve your business is to start at the roots and find out who your audience truly is from the inside-out. You want to grow your social media presence the right way, which means learning how to engage your audience with useful posts, offers, and so much more. Helping You Engage Your Audience Today we will focus on some of the ways that you can engage your audience and keep them coming back to the important posts and updates you don’t want them to miss! By involving your audience in everyday conversation and giving them something to look forward to, you are making your audience feel like an important aspect of your business. You don’t want your business to be “unfollowed” on Facebook, or left […]

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How Social Media Marketing Opportunities Are Changing in 2018

For companies that want to stay ahead, listen up: because there are tons of new, great marketing tactics available for 2018! From changes in the way we see companies on our mobile phones, to new ways to personalize your content and be seen, we’re looking forward to it all. Today we want to share some of these things with you so you can get a head start on improving your business for the New Year and rising in the ranks! New in Social Media for 2018 Integrating Mobile: Almost everybody owns a smartphone today. In fact, statistics show us that 2 billion people use smartphones today! Many companies fail to realize that, most of the page-visiting done every day by customers is done on the phone. That’s why smartphones and social media go hand in hand. Research shows that mobile is on the rise. Just look at Facebook, who claims to have had a 20% rise this year compared to […]

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Why you absolutely must include SEO in your marketing strategy

Search Engine Optimization

Each month, over 100 billion searches take place on Google. That’s one hundred billion reasons to ensure that you’re doing all you can to increase your search engine optimization (SEO).  Of all possible marketing strategies that exist, it’s easy to argue that SEO is the most cost-effective.  In an average year, most businesses spend the majority of their online marketing budget on SEO and pay-per-click advertising.  According to, companies spent $65 billion on SEO in 2016.  That’s because they know that search engines like Google bring results – increased traffic that translates into leads that translate into real business.   Every marketing strategy and channel has its rationale.  Perhaps Twitter is the best way to create an online contest, or email campaign the best method by which to promote a special offer.  But search engines have been shown to be successful at delivering low-cost, ongoing value on a long-term basis.  Any business not investing in SEO is leaving a […]

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