How to Identify a Website’s Internet Authority and How That Benefits You

How to Identify a Website’s Internet Authority and How That Benefits You

Have you ever wondered why certain websites always seem to pop up when you search for specific things? When you search for a new home decor item, sites specific to those items like Target, Walmart and Amazon rank near or at the top. But what about the rest of the sites, the ones ranking lower that go on for pages and pages? Why are they there? The answer is that these sites have a higher authority or presence on the internet. This authority usually stems from criteria such as how much internet traffic they receive, relevance concerning your search word or phrase and the content on their site, how many other sites link to it and how influential those sites are. So how can you identify which sites have this commanding presence and how does that help you? What is Internet Authority Internet authority is a metric used to rank a site’s relative power in relation to other sites. A […]

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The Basics of Homepage SEO

Yoast SEO

Your homepage is the most important part of your website. It is the heart of who you are as a company, allows website crawlers to understand you and your relevance to searches, and stands as the front gate for all those internet travelers venturing your way. A well-designed homepage is critical to a well-ranked website in the same way that a poorly designed homepage is death to a site. Any business owner is thinking of developing a website or going back and re-working their current one should take time to fully understand just how vital a good homepage can be to the success of their online presence. People continue to spend more and more time online, and to capitalize on this seemingly never-ending growth market, business owners need every edge they can get out of their websites. What to Consider When Optimizing My Homepage There are several items to consider when optimizing your homepage. However, if you get the basics […]

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The Power of Nofollow Links

In the world of digital marketing, a link to your website can be a goldmine of potential customers. But what about “no-follow links”? What is a Nofollow Link? A no-follow link is an HTML attribute value telling search engine crawl bots that this hyperlink should not influence the link’s source’s ranking in the search engine’s index. In effect, you aren’t receiving an authoritative boost to your own site’s web presence or giving a boost to another site’s authority from a link with this attribute. Why No-Follow Links are More Useful Than You Think A traditional link can be an excellent source of authority and potentially lead you to new business. For example, imagine you’re a personal injury law firm in Delaware, and an online news publication links to your law firm in a news story. The traffic and exposure from this are significant, and because they’re a news company, they are an authoritative site giving more validation and a better […]

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What’s the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) can seem like very similar or very different things depending on where you’re coming from knowledge-wise. If you know nothing about either, you might naturally assume them to be vastly different. If you’ve done your research in digital marketing, you might know they are similar but not understand what exactly separates them. Though they are quite interconnected, they are not interchangeable and serve two distinctly different functions. Understanding SEO and SEM The critical difference between the two is that SEO is a part of SEM. Both operations’ end-goal is to increase the visibility and traffic to a website. SEO focuses on your site to attain this goal while SEM expands beyond it. Search Engine Optimization SEO centers on optimizing your website in various ways in order to rank better in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. A strong, optimized site is more easily navigable by search engine crawlers and people […]

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Choosing the Right Keywords for SEO

Best SEO keywords

Creating a website is just the beginning. Merely existing is not enough to draw attention to attention to your site. The best way to do that is to utilize to partake in a little Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to catapult your site to the front page! A better website means more traffic and more people buying your services. The key to SEO is adding content laced with the right keywords, but before you can build an amazing site, you have to understand the foundation. What are Keywords? Simply put, these are the words or phrases in your website’s content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. As Google currently holds nearly 80% of the market for search engines, a high Google ranking is generally the goal. Strong keywords get you there, and they’re often very straightforward.  For example, if you were selling travel mugs, then one of your keywords […]

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3 WordPress Plugins For SEO

Yoast SEO

If you have a WordPress site, you need a WordPress plugin for SEO. No matter what purpose your website serves, using the right WordPress plugin for SEO will gain you more traffic. Out of all the options for WordPress plugins for SEO, three are a cut above the rest.  Open Site Explorer, SEMRush, and Yoast SEO are 3 WordPress plugins for SEO that can accomplish all of your SEO needs, and each has its own skill sets and areas of expertise. Yoast SEO for WordPress One of the most popular plugins for WordPress ever created is Yoast SEO. Yoast analyzes the text on your page and uses 3 different colors to indicate the quality of different aspects of SEO for your content. Red means improvement is needed, orange means things could be better, and green means everything is great. Using Yoast, you will be able to alter some of the most important aspects of your page for search engine results. […]

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Why SEO is Important to Businesses of All Sizes

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Most business owners are well aware of the importance of having their company’s website appear highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine optimization (SEO) is the phrase that refers to tactics used to improve or maintain visibility in the free (otherwise known as non-paid, organic, or natural) SERP listings. SEO practices largely relate to SERP listings for major search engines such as Google or Bing, but such search engines constantly revise the algorithms they use to determine how websites are ranked in such listings. Performance First provides SEO services for clients nationwide. Types of SEO Services in California A company’s SEO strategy rarely involves a single action or type of maintenance. In most cases, a business will need to take multiple steps in order to maximize its SEO potential. Most cases generally begin with an exhaustive review of a company’s existing website. The ways that HTML is structured and coded on a website can have a dramatic impact […]

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Is Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Producing Positive ROI? Here’s How to Find Out

5 Common Myths About Digital Marketing

Return-on-investment (ROI) is the single most important metric for marketing. Without this crucial figure, it’s impossible to know whether or not your efforts have paid off. For example, imagine you’re spending 15 hours and $100 per week to get your brand in front of relevant audiences on social media. You use both organic and paid advertisements, follow the lead of others in your industry, and develop content your audience will likely engage with. Maybe those efforts have brought in new leads. Maybe some of those leads became clients. But that doesn’t mean the whole process has been profitable. Over a one-month period, you would have spent $400 of capital and 60 hours of employee time. If you created nine conversions for a product costing $40, you would have only generated $360 in new revenue, meaning you have been operating at a loss all along. On top of the negative profits, you have wasted a great deal of time. Without calculating […]

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Why Your Law Firm Should Hire Marketing Professionals

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Oftentimes, the difference between a successful team of attorneys and a firm that starts to fall behind is not necessarily the quality of service or the knowledge about the law. In some instances, the lack of foot-traffic coming through the door can be due to ineffective marketing strategies. Even law firms should be considered businesses, and they are very important ones at that. In order to give your firm the best opportunity to succeed, you should always make sure that you are marketing your law firm to the best of your ability. But you should never let the involved process of marketing a business take away from the service itself. We’ve put together a list of reasons why hiring professionals may be the best options for you. Most Obviously, It Saves You Time Marketing is a full-time job, and for those who are unwilling or unable to put in the required hours, you probably won’t have any noticeable benefits. Not […]

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Why You Need to Hire a Content Creator Today

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One of the fastest-growing, most in-demand areas of online marketing today is content marketing. In order to engage in content marketing,  however, you first need the content. You can’t have a business today without having an online presence, and as the internet continues to grow and expand, a larger number of websites need more and more written material to stay relevant. This isn’t something that will be going away anytime soon, either. Staying relevant means publishing content often and regularly. Otherwise, you risk falling behind with search engines. Ranking lower in searches means fewer people find you, and you bring in fewer clients. That’s why so many companies have learned that to maximize their bottom lines, creating and maintaining an online presence is an absolute must. How do you establish such a presence? Simple – you publish high-quality content. To do that, you need to hire a content creator. Benefits of Hiring a Content Creator Today A content creator is […]

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